Lakeside Superlatives 2023

In the eternal words of Mariah Carey: “It’s timeeeeeeee!” That’s right; with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is once more time for the long-awaited Tatler tradition of Lakeside superlatives (*cue video montage of children holding hands, smiling, and singing all across the world as others cry tears of joy*). This year, we’ve brought back fan-favorites like “Cutest Couple” in addition to including some new categories such as “Best best friends.” Look below to find who YOU (the Lakeside community) voted to win!



Cutest Couple

Freshman: Scarlett C. and Andrew L.

Sophomore: Ali S-A. and Sophia D. 

Junior: Anjelica V. and Sayka G.

Senior: Sebastian D. and Emery C.

Intergrade: Shobha B. and Julian MB


Cutest Potential Couple

Freshman: Kurt E-M. and Esperanza A.

Sophomore: Josie H. and Will A.

Junior: Jack L. and Natalie B.

Senior: Ava Y. and Luke L.

Intergrade: Ella C. and Daniel S. 


Most Huggable 

Freshman: Lucy C. and Felicity W.

Sophomore: Mac D. and Aanika T.

Junior: Freya B-W. and Khalil W. 

Senior: Mica R. and Luke L. 


Most Mysterious

Freshman: Kameirah J. and Wayne S.

Sophomore: Mats M. and Stella H.

Junior: Nico I. and Nathaniel R. 

Senior: Ari G. and Coco M. 


Most Secretly Admired

Freshman: Lucy C. and Gabriel H.

Sophomore: Drew K. and Mary Y. 

Junior: Mateo G. and William C.

Senior: Sebastian D. and Annie F. 


Best Best Friends

Freshman: Kaitlyn L. and Cailyn C.

Sophomore: Natalie B. and Arya M.

Junior: Lilian G. and Sofia Y.

Senior: Kate G. and Mica R.