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Advisory groups pack bags of supplies and cards during the 2022 9th grade day of service

Service Learning Department Moves Forward With Policy Changes

Samara N. '26 | Sep 6, 2023

After changes to the service learning policy were announced last May, a group of concerned students presented a petition with almost 200 signatures to Upper School Director Mr. Boccuzzi and Service Learning...

Sweeping the Homeless for Special Events

Reagan R. '25, Life & Culture Editor | Sep 6, 2023

As locals and tourists alike ventured to Downtown Seattle for the upcoming MLB All-Star game on July 7, the city was noticeably different.  Jackson B. ’25, who had family friends from North Carolina...

New city council districts change the boundaries in neighborhoods like Magnolia, Crown Hill, Wedgwood, and Eastlake, slightly shifting the political landscape of each district

Public Safety and Homelessness Remain Key Issues in Seattle Elections

Jackson B. '25, News Editor | Sep 6, 2023

America’s national politics are increasingly dominated by the perpetually incumbent. That’s why it made waves when earlier this year, four of the Seattle City Council’s nine members announced that...

From Across the Country to Our Campus

Angelina P. '24 and Nara C. '25 | Sep 6, 2023

As the school year begins, returning students eagerly anticipate welcoming both the incoming 9th graders as well as new faculty. Hailing from all corners of the United States, this array of incoming faculty...

Sitting Down with Stud Gov

Zane R. '24, Editor in Chief | Sep 6, 2023

With a new school year comes a new cast of student government representatives and a list of ambitious plans. Tatler had the opportunity to speak to incoming president Natalie B. ’24 and vice president...

Tatler is Growing Up

Tatler is Growing Up

Lucy K. '24 and Zane R. '24 | Sep 6, 2023

Dearest Lakeside, It was previous Editor-in-Chief Evie B.-W. ’22 who said, in her advice to incoming editors, that she thought of Tatler as her baby. Ever since it was birthed Athena-style from the...

Mr. de Grys likens mini-seminars to a seasoning enhancing the flavor of Lakesiders other classes and extracurriculars.

“Zesty” Mini-Seminars Are Coming to a Classroom Near You

Lucy K. ’24 and Zane R. '24 | May 30, 2023

Think of your favorite Lakeside class. What could make it even better? No homework? No grades? Even more diverse topics? The administration has heard feedback through Tatler and the Curriculum Committee...

The Science & Technology Section

Rohan D. '25, STEM Editor | May 30, 2023

Are the words retroviridae, electrostatics, and bipartiteness drawing you to this article? Then, Tatler has just the announcement for you! This fall, Tatler will trial a new Science & Technology section,...

Year in Review

Jackson B. '25, News Editor | May 30, 2023

September: World September 8: Queen Elizabeth II dies at age 96 after being the UK’s longest-reigning monarch. September 16: Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman, dies after allegedly being...

Stellan and Aaron summon a ghost of EICs past by calling Toby Z. ’23, brother of one H. Zimmerman. Aaron is the giraffe.

Goodbye From the 2022-23 Editors-in-Chief

Stellan M. '23 and Aaron Z. '23 | May 30, 2023

Every late August, we hold our ever-exclusive, super secret, hella hype, always alliterative Tatler retreat, a chance to welcome staffers to the new year. This year, we stressed that LAKESIDE comes first...

Rohan engaging in a chess match (Amber P. 25)

I Lasted Three Years Without Chess Then Relapsed

Rohan D. '25, STEM Editor | May 2, 2023

As I walk through the gates of Stanwood High School, I’m gearing up for my first in-person chess match in years. Even though I’m not playing for a prize, my nerves are still akin to what I felt...

Stephanie Velea (right) in a tense match against Sophie T. 23 (left) (Amber P. ’25)

What is Chess Without its Queens?

Amber P. '25, Arts Editor | May 2, 2023

You can hear a pin drop in the halls of Stanwood High School as soon as the first match begins. Every room is filled with rows upon rows of focused players, brows furrowed, deliberating to the ominous...

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