End of the Year Bucket List

2020 has been a catastrophic year, from furious wildfires to raging pandemics. It’s safe to say that none of us want to experience such a year again — so we at Tatler figure that we should finish an already terrible year with enough horrible decisions to last a lifetime. So, here are 20 things to do in the remainder of 2020. 


  1. Get a colonoscopy
  2. Commit tax fraud
  3. Unclog every single drain in your house
  4. Drop out of Lakeside 
  5. Pop all your pimples
  6. Start watching “Riverdale”
  7. Overpluck your eyebrows
  8. Fail your math test (it was bound to happen anyway)
  9. Take candy from the man in the white van
  10. Join a circus (you’re already a clown so why not)
  11. Pull a Rachel and Ross and get married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas    
  12. Wear a real fur coat in downtown L.A. 
  13. Give birth 
  14. Pick up a bad habit — no better time to start
  15. Get a lower back tattoo of a butterfly 
  16. Tell your teacher that your dog ate your homework
  17. Eat your homework
  18. Get JCed
  19. Try to make a baby bear your pet
  20. Don’t wear a mask or social distance. Just kidding- this is pushing the limits. Doing this may taint your 2021… So, wear a mask and social distance!


Good luck, Lakesiders! Let’s make this the worst year you’ll ever have to experience!