Mad Libs!!!


The end is in sight! Winter break is (adjective) approaching, and you can see the students are around campus (action verb). There is something in the (noun); you can just feel it. Or maybe you are just sleep deprived. The students milling around you in (location on campus) start to leave in droves, indicating that it is time for (your favorite class). (number) more day(s). Just (number) more day(s). The snow under your boots crunch (adverb) as you walk across campus, your breath appearing in front of your face in little clouds. You pull your (item of closing) closer across your chest. Suddenly, it begins to snow! (adjective) snowflakes flutter down from the sky (adverb) You hear yelps of happiness intermingled with groans of annoyance across campus. Could a snow day be in the works? The teachers (adverb) let students outside; snowballs are thrown and igloos are built. And a snowball fight ensues! (name of a friend) hits you square in the back! The battle continues, snowballs (action verb) through the air until, eventually, (name of friend) surrenders. As you make your way home, the campus is filled with snow people named (your middle name) and the (adjective) smell of hot chocolate, apple cider, and (favorite beverage). And you go home, excited for more days like this to come. 

***Tatler will be hosting a Mad Libs competition, where the best completed Mad Lib will win a fabulous prize! Submit your entry  to the Tatler Staff ( ) or to NhiVan or Anya ( or ).***