Fieldhouse Frenzy Senior Edition


With the fall sports season wrapping up, one team, in particular, had an especially grueling Senior Night. The Lakeside Girls Swimming and Dive team (LGSD) has fifteen seniors saying goodbye to Lakeside. After such a successful season, a few of the seniors on the team reflect on their memories of the team in this month’s senior edition of Fieldhouse Frenzy. 

What has been your favorite moment of the Lakeside swim team so far over the past four years?

Miriam C: It’s so hard to choose a favorite moment because they all blend together, but one of my favorite moments was probably making a best time in the 50 free sophomore year. I had been struggling all year to drop time, and at Metros, I finally went a best time. It was amazing to be able to go to all my friends and have them congratulate me on something I was really proud of and had worked hard for. I also like social kick, which isn’t a moment but is a fun way to get to know people.

Vidisha G: My favorite swim/dive event is when we take the ferry for a Bainbridge meet. Watching a beautiful Seattle sunset with many of my closest friends is one of my fondest memories. Also, that one time where we did a banana relay and everyone almost puked.

Liv S: My favorite moment of the Lakeside swim team was winning state my freshman year. I remember being a new freshman, loving the sport of swimming and the moment we won state. The final score came up on the board and we just screamed and raced down to the pool deck to cheer and have a massive group hug.

Nathalie V: While this isn’t necessarily one moment, my favorite meet of our season is Metros. It’s always such an exciting meet because we usually get the entire team there and the team spirit, enthusiasm, and support are contagious. All of us are aiming for best times and many are trying to qualify for Districts and/or State. These outcomes would not be possible without the constant cheering and encouragement of the whole team. I always look forward to Metros and the meet’s exciting races.

What has been the hardest part about being on the swim team?

Miriam C: This season is really different because we are swimming after school, and I think it has definitely impacted our team community. I don’t go to as many practices as I have in the past, and I know lots of the fast swimmers are trying to balance swimming for their year-round club and swimming for Lakeside. In general, the hardest part is the quick turnarounds, either from school to pool or from our swim workout to the circuits we do afterward. In the past, it’s been getting up early (5:50 alarm, anyone?), but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Vidisha G: The practices at six in the morning in 9th and 11th grade were pretty tough considering that I’m not a morning person at all!!

Liv S: The hardest part about being on the swim team was definitely the morning swim practices. I was so tired driving once that Eleanor told me when I got to practice that I’d been going 40 on the freeway.

Nathalie V: I think the hardest part of swim team is getting in the water. Especially since we are practicing outdoors this year, it is always such an effort to jump in the cold water. Once I’m in, I’m in, but those first few laps are always brutal!

Does the team have any special quirks or fun activities to get hyped up for meets?

Miriam C: We always do spirit before each meet, like many teams. Also, we have “families” within the team, which are small groups with one person from each grade, usually. The “moms” (usually seniors) also bring treats for their family members and write them nice notes.

Vidisha G: We get Jimmy Johns <3 

Liv S: We love to snack and talk in our families. We ride in carpools to meets so we generally just blast music and pump each other up.

Nathalie V: Since we usually run the diving portion of the meet first, our whole team always lines up on the side of the pool to watch and support our divers. We also do the WHOLE Lakeside Lions cheer at the start of every meet. We form two circles (seniors in the middle, everyone else on the outside) and splash the water for the last part.

What do you want the legacy of the 2020 Senior class to be on the swim team to be?

Miriam C: We’re a big class, so I want us to be remembered as a big, positive presence on the team. Even if the younger students didn’t have the chance to get to know all of us, I want their impression to have been of a positive, supportive, and team-focused group of people.

Vidisha G: I want our legacy to be one of friendship and inclusion. LGSD is truly a team where everyone is welcome and appreciated, regardless of their swimming/diving abilities. I think that’s one of the big reasons why our team grows bigger every year. 

Liv S: I want the legacy of the senior class to be warm, inviting leaders who do their best to include everyone and make everyone happy. I think the senior group this year is the absolute sweetest, and we definitely do that.

Nathalie V: I want our class to be remembered as spirited, outgoing, and committed to improving as individuals and as a team. We have the largest LGSD class probably ever (15 girls!) and it would be amazing to be remembered not only as a big class but also as a class that has made a mark.

What will you miss most when you graduate?

Miriam C: Definitely the community. Swim team helped me make some of my first friends at Lakeside, and overall I have gotten to know lots of underclassmen through it, as well as making stronger connections within our class.

Vidisha G: I will miss interacting with so many great people every day! I’ve made so many amazing friends through our teamLGSD will always have a special place in my heart. 

Liv S: I will definitely miss all our team hikes and bonding events with Mama Sooz, and all the photos taken for the team twitter while we were suffering through dryland. Even morning practices are always a blast with those girls.


Nathalie V: LGSD has been so much fun for me these last four years. The team environment is incredible, the girls are supportive, and the sport is fun. I will miss the spirit, the team atmosphere and, most importantly, the coaches. Coach Susan, Coach Matt, and Coach Kaitlyn are dedicated and involved coaches that only want the best for our team. They have fostered an environment of friendly competition and enjoyable memories while also producing impressive results. I am going to miss their positivity and support, but will always remember their commitment and investment to our team.