Coach Hartley Intro

Lily Richards


At Lakeside, student-athletes are fortunate enough to have access to facilities and gear that goes nearly unparalleled across other high school athletics. With many sports using private buses and getting team road trips, banquets, and school-supplied equipment, all students are covered in their needs and wants for the season and it is assured that financially, students have the opportunity to enjoy the season to its fullest. However, there are a few questions that are asked every year pertaining to the distribution and equitability of the school athletic funds: who decides how much money each sport gets, what are the factors that go into these decisions, and who would hold them accountable if they were to show favoritism? 

Next month, Coach Hartley, Lakeside’s director of athletics, will write an article featured in Tatler that will explain the process of fund distribution. His goal is to clear up some confusion and add transparency to the operation. It is obvious that each team does not get an equal slice of the school athletics funding and it would, in fact, be unfair to do so. Factors such as roster size, gear needed, and amount of coaching staff are all crucial considerations. Coach Hartley will elaborate more on the specific nuances of fund distribution in next month’s issue, but the message that he wanted to send the school is the following: the main factor that goes into the decision-making process is what the coaches say they absolutely need for the season such as team gear, food, transportation, and equipment. Factors that do not go into consideration include attendance at games, the success of the team, or if the team is for boys or girls. Lakeside prides itself on being a fair institution with equal treatment for all. There is currently some skepticism about the equitability of fund distribution and Tatler hopes that with Coach Hartley’s words next month, the school will be reassured about how Lakeside Athletics financially supports its student-athletes.