Spooky Scary Story MAD LIBS


You arrive to school on Friday the 13th. The clock strikes, and you head to your class;. The wind howls (adverb) around you as you start to (verb). The sky was turning (adjective) and (adjective). The lights of the surrounding buildings flicker and turn off. Everything is dark. Suddenly, a (noun) wraps its arms around you. You (verb) and fall into a (noun). A large whoosh envelopes you, and opening your eyes, you find yourself in (location at Lakeside), the (hardest class)’s teacher standing in front of you, but in the horrible form of a (scary creature). Looking around, you see that there’s nobody else on campus–everyone has suddenly disappeared. You (verb) and run out the door, with (scary creature) chasing after you, but there’s nowhere to go.