The Student Newspaper of Lakeside School


The Student Newspaper of Lakeside School


The Student Newspaper of Lakeside School


Senior Advice

Compiled by Timothy D. ’27

Free hot chocolate and tea in the counseling center.

Try to be open to liking anything.

If you want to reach the senior lot without being seen go through the side of the library and up the path to the field.

Do not worry about what you cannot control, it just wastes time.

Always, always, ALWAYS, remember that Lakeside is a bubble. If you are at this school it means that you are incredibly bright and intellectually curious. If you ever think that you aren’t as smart as the friend sitting next to you, remember that you’re one genius surrounded by many other geniuses, and that friend is probably thinking the same about you.

You’re marked absent after 20 minutes: a 10 minute tardy is the same as a 19 minute one.

You can’t buy happiness, and that’s cause happiness comes first. Don’t forget to prioritize being happy and having fun. If you do that, the rest will all fall into place.

It might sound cliche but sleep is definitely more important than work 9 times out of 10. lakesides transcripts don’t show your percentage- take advantage of that. Do just enough to get the grade that you want and then use your leftover time to make plans with your friends. at the end of senior year you’ll remember the times you hung out with your friends, not the extra 0.2 on your sophomore math quiz.

Ask that boy or girl out. You never know if they are on the edge of asking you out as well. You’ll regret it later if you don’t.

People are as self-conscious as you are. No one is looking at you, just go for it.

Finish your service hours early–grinding out 30 hours before graduation isn’t fun for weekends!

You cannot move forward if you do not try.

Small changes consistently can change your life.

Love yourself unconditionally and irrevocably. You are beautiful inside and out and you will never know how ferociously loved you are by everyone around you. I love you!

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Timothy D. '27
COMMON NAME: Tim/Timothy/Timmy SCIENTIFIC NAME: Timothy Dong TYPE: Extrovert PERSONALITY: Energetic, Charismatic, Imaginative DIET: Anything goes, loves Turkish pastries AVERAGE ATTENTION SPAN: ~5 minutes HABITAT: Can be found all around the school talking with friends or working on homework, most common in the library wasting time HOBBIES: Plays modded Minecraft in free time, or goes hiking out in the Cascades

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