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A bittersweet goodbye

Lucy and Zane answer their final round of questions.

How is the “Tatler” baby doing? (See our intro letter from last September.)

They are faring excellently. Our hopes and dreams for our baby — monthly newsletter, new Science and Technology section, and biannual special issues — all became reality. Thanks to our talented writers and diligent editors, the “Tatler” baby’s speech continues to mature. And because of the skills and efforts of Eliot A. ’24 and the rest of the design team, they’re more vibrant and artistic than ever. Though our parenting journey is coming to an end and we will soon be empty-nesters, we know “Tatler”’s next guardians will take care of them lovingly and continue their growth.

What have your favorite “Tatler” memories been?

  • Going to a drag brunch to write about it for the special issue on activism
  • “Tatler” holiday party, complete with a Secret Santa exchange and snacks
  • Digging up heinous articles in the “Tatler” archives 
  • Late night editing sessions with Eliot A. ’24 (sorry) and our group chat named “slowly losing our minds”

What are the main things you’ve learned?

The immense complexity required to put every issue together. As section editors dealing only with writing before this year, we were surprised by the herculean task of weaving together writing, photos, illustrations, design, printing logistics, and marketing to make an issue whole and cohesive. The number of people who touch an issue of “Tatler” as it’s being made and the collective effort it requires is truly spectacular.

What is your advice for next year’s EICs and editorial team?

Communicate, communicate, communicate! Y’all should talk so much you’re tired of each other. And even if you find yourselves in disagreement, remember the common goal you are working towards: total control over the student body  building a paper that accurately reflects the wants and needs of our community. 


Does “Tatler” use AI to write its articles?

Is there anything you wish that you had done differently?

There will always be things that we could have done. We could have changed some headlines and not forgotten to respond to important emails a few more times. Every generation of “Tatler” leaders can only do so much, and our team has used every last one of our collective brain cells to find ways to advance our presence as a school paper. And we know that next year’s leaders will continue to innovate.

Oh, and if you are referencing Lucy’s 2022 satire article about the crew cult, absolutely no regrets there. It was funny. Stay mad.

Any final hot takes?

  • The number of people skipping assemblies has gone too far. We get it if you’re really busy or just need a break once or twice, but really, skipping every assembly? Tacky …
  • @lakesidecompliments is NOT the place to anonymously declare your feelings for someone ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIP. Come on, guys. We’re smarter than this. Let’s all strive to keep things PG-13 on there as well — we’re no prudes, but keep in mind that EVERYONE has to read what you write.
  • It should be normalized to wear hoodies for colleges you aren’t attending. Sometimes thrifted or passed-down college hoodies are just cute. And normalize wearing hoodies that aren’t for “elite” schools!
  • Never doing your English or History readings is not the flex you think it is.

How do you say goodbye to the people who have shaped your high school experience?

We’re still trying to figure this one out. Lots of tears will be shed.

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Lucy K. '24, Editor in Chief
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Zane R. '24, Editor in Chief
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