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Interviews with voting seniors

How will Lakesiders be voting in the upcoming presidential election?
Eliot A. ’24
Baby’s first election

As the United States 2024 presidential election quickly approaches, Lakeside seniors are considering their voting choices. “Tatler” asked several students from the class of 2024 to share their opinions on the upcoming election during a quick sit-down conversation. 


Do you know who you are voting for yet?

Bee Alexander M. ’24 (BM): If my options are Trump and Biden, then I’m going to vote for Biden. 

Cameron W. ’24 (CW): My choice will be dependent on whoever the Democratic nominee is. If I had to choose between [Joe Biden and Donald Trump], I’d say Trump. 

Stella P. ’24 (SP): Yeah, I’m voting for Joe Biden. 

William F. ’24 (WF): I expect another Biden-Trump match-up, which is suboptimal — considering that I dislike Trump, and I think we could have a better Democratic candidate than Biden. But if it comes down to Biden and Trump, I will vote for Biden.


Why are you voting for this candidate? 

BM: I don’t really like either of them, but I feel like Biden is vaguely closer to what I want the country to look like. I didn’t enjoy Trump’s first presidency, so I don’t want it to happen again. As a trans person, I feel like that would be really bad for me and for people I love. I wish we had another option. I did not vote for Biden in the primary, but it kind of seems like he’s going to be the candidate we end up with. 

CW: There aren’t many positive reasons for this vote. But certain policies regarding foreign affairs and spending are the main reasons I would vote for [Trump] … I’m not particularly enthusiastic about spending abroad in the Israel and Gaza situation. I don’t really support the whole situation ethically, but, also, I don’t think our tax dollars should go to that. As well as with Ukraine and Russia … And I think Trump made his stance on those issues very clear. Additionally, I do like certain tax policies he has. He’s more lenient than Joe Biden. 

SP: Because he’s going to be the primary Democratic candidate. I think that the right move for me — based on my political views — is to vote for whoever the primary Democratic candidate is, over an Independent or Republican candidate. 

WF: I would not feel good about it. It’s my cynicism about the two party system coming out. I really wish there was another way it could be. But since we have a two party system, and I dislike Trump more, I will do as much as I can to vote against him. At the same time, we live in Washington. Our electoral votes are probably going to go to the Democratic candidate no matter what, so it’s more symbolic than anything. If,  somehow, Trump wins the electoral college but loses the popular vote again, there will be outrage about that — and I think that’s good to have. It gets people thinking about our present system in a more critical way. 


On a scale from 1 to 10, how good do you feel about voting for this candidate?

BM: A three. 

CW: I would say a two. All the candidates given are not exactly great people … Donald Trump is not a good person at all. It’s just certain policies that make me feel more comfortable voting for him. The one thing I do like about him is that he puts America first of other nations. I think that’s the only reason I give him a two. If it weren’t for that, it’d be a straight one. Especially in this current political climate, I do not want somebody valuing other people over Americans … One thing I do wish that Donald Trump would be more relaxed on is immigration. But at the end of the day, I think that spending of American tax dollars abroad is worse. 

SP: I think a seven. I don’t know if he’s the best candidate by any means, but I’m confident in voting for the primary Democratic candidate over Trump. 

WF: I’ll say five. I’m not excited about voting for Biden, but I’m very excited to vote against Trump. 


How much is your voting decision affected by your community? Family? School? 

BM: It’s affected heavily by my community, for sure. As a queer person, I wouldn’t necessarily feel safe in a Trump America again. I feel it would disproportionately affect people in marginalized communities whose rights are being — or will be — increasingly taken away. But, I also don’t think Biden’s a great option. I think he’s a little too old, and he’s more moderate than I am. But right now, I feel like my options are maintaining where we are right now or making it worse. 

CW: It’s not affected at all … I would say it’s the complete opposite. I grew up with a very liberal family, and I lean very neoliberal as well. Especially given Lakeside’s political climate and even the friends I have, it would be logical to assume that I would vote very liberal. Even though I am not conservative myself, making this decision would be contrary to public acceptance in Seattle and at Lakeside and would go against the norm. 

SP: I think we live in a very large blue bubble, so that’s definitely impacted the way I think about it. But I think from community, family, or school, I don’t think I feel any pressure to vote for a certain candidate. However, even though I’m in that bubble myself — I don’t necessarily disagree with it.

WF: I feel like I’m more influenced more by the media than anything else because I see a lot of news about the elections, critiquing the candidates.


If you are 16 or 17 years old, you are eligible to register to vote within the Future Voter program. If you are at least 18 years old and able to participate in November’s general election, register online or by mail eight days before November 5. In-person registration is available up to and on Election Day. Happy voting, Lions! 


These interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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