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“Dune: Part Two” press tour boasts unwearable fashion

Daniel W. ‘25
An unfamiliar face graces the red carpet.

Last month, the stars of “Dune: Part Two” turned heads and raised eyebrows with their daring fashion choices at the film’s media press tour, visiting Mexico, France, London, and South Korea. With the pop culture noise and fanfare around fashion growing louder than ever, the Dune actors put on the ultimate fashion spectacle.

Boasting metallic armor, racy cut-out dresses, and flashy jewelry, Zendaya led the charge with a variety of looks from a range of designers. The star shut down the premier in London with what is arguably one of her most avant-garde looks to date – if not the most eccentric. She pulled off an iconic archival Mugler armor suit, reminiscent of the Buzz Lightyear action figure. Paying homage to her childhood idol, Zendaya posed robotically, striking astronaut-like poses on the red carpet. Later that evening, she changed into a simple, black Mugler slip dress, showcasing her versatility and impeccable taste.

Pugh showcased her unwavering commitment to the theme of the evening: “uncomfortable elegance.”

Other notable Zendaya fashion moments included her Mexico Tour custom dress by London-based designer Torishéju Dumi’s eponymous label and her 3-D printed white wraparound dress from Alaïa’s summer-fall 2024 collection for the Paris Tour. Fans successfully recreated these showstoppers with toilet paper and towels at home, proving that haute couture can be DIY.

Not to be outdone, Timothée Chalamet and Austin Butler also made a statement in futuristic vests and snake-scale pants. For the Seoul press conference, Chalamet capitalized on Zendaya’s fame and style, opting to wear a matching jumpsuit by local talent Juun. J (ICMYI). Unfortunately, Chalamet’s blue suit paled in comparison to Zendaya’s apricot colored fit, leaving fans feeling more pitiful than impressed. Butler followed up with a pathetic rendition of his own, wearing a collection of black vintage suits that were oddly reminiscent of his Elvis Presely costume. In a nod to the 1950s, Butler’s suits seemed more suited for a tribute concert than a high-profile press conference.

Difficult to afford, hard to find, and physically uncomfortable.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Florence Pugh also made some notable fashion statements, paying homage to their characters with ethereal looks. During the London premier, Pugh made a magnificent appearance in a hooded Valentino gown covered in shimmering russet-brown sequins. Pugh showcased her unwavering commitment to the theme of the evening: “uncomfortable elegance.” Despite the gown’s impracticality, Pugh’s poise and grace on the red carpet solidified her reputation as a fashion risk-taker willing to endure any discomfort in the name of style. Fans tried to recreate the look with sandpaper hoods, but failed to achieve the same level of discomfort. Taylor-Joy opted to try a more comfortable look, wearing custom Christian Dior. Her celestial all-white dress was topped with a gauzy sheer-hooded poncho, much like the curtains you would find at your grandmother’s house. There is no denying that the look resembled a raincloud, but Taylor-Joy, ever the fashion maven, managed to pull it off.

Despite the surprising, and often questionable, fashion choices, the cast of Dune: Part Two certainly succeeded in making a lasting impression. Difficult to afford, hard to find, and physically uncomfortable, their ensembles added a layer of intrigue to the already highly anticipated film.

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