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Five K-dramas that turn cliché into charm

As February ushers in Valentine’s Day, let’s explore five distinct K-dramas, each boasting a unique take on classic love story archetypes to commemorate the month of love.

“See You in My 19th Life”

See You in My 19th Life (IMDb)

Based on a webtoon, this drama follows Ban Ji-eum, a girl who can recall her previous lives. After dying early in her 18th life, she decides to endeavor her 19th life to reconnect with her childhood love — an unprecedented plot line. The show stands out with its bold female lead who actively pursues and defends her male counterpart, skillfully portraying themes of loss and reunion. The cinematography and visuals showcasing Ji-eum’s various former lives is truly breathtaking, like the scene when all of them appear behind her or the visuals in Ji-eum’s little book symbolizing her stories, journeys, and growth.

“Love To Hate You”

Love to Hate You

This drama ingeniously combines two overused tropes — enemies-to-lovers and fake dating — leading to genuine affection. The female lead, a skilled fighter, is tasked with dating a top male actor. The two start off on a sour note, but end up falling for each other as they discover each other’s true selves. A lighthearted show, perfect to binge watch, “Love To Hate You” brings a fresh take on familiar themes.

“It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

The title perfectly sums up the essence of this extraordinary show. Unparalleled in its plot, it beautifully illustrates the journey of characters with past traumas learning to love and be loved with vulnerability. From poignant and emotional scenes to the over-the-top romantic and hilarious moments quintessential to all K-dramas, this show even incorporates suspense and a murder mystery. The characters’ emotional growth and healing makes for a heartwarming experience, complemented by flawless cinematography, music, and innovative camera angles.

“Business Proposal”

Business Proposal

Another K-drama based on a webtoon, “Business Proposal” is a hilarious romantic comedy. There’s the popular trope where the female lead, Shin Ha-ri, replaces her friend, Jin Young-seo, on a blind date. Despite the seemingly ordinary plot line, what’s unique is that she discovers her date is Kang Tae-moo, the CEO of her company. After finding out about Ha-ri’s substitution, Tae-moo bribes her into pretending to be his fiancée to placate his grandfather. The drama skillfully navigates clichéd tropes with perfect humor, making it a fresh and delightful watch.

“Welcome to Samdal-ri”

Welcome to Samdal-ri

“Welcome to Samdal-ri” is a heartwarming K-drama about having a place and finding people to always come home to. After being framed, photographer Cho Sam Dal is forced to return to her hometown of Samdal-ri. The show perfectly embraces the common theme of childhood lovers, where, through a series of hilarious events, Sam Dal reconnects with her childhood sweetheart, Jo Yong Pil. To be honest, this show focuses less on the love story; rather, the narrative emphasizes finding solace in one’s roots and the support from unexpected corners. Yet, the main leads’ journeys together and mutual encouragement of each other’s careers adds a delightful touch, with the last episode providing a beautiful conclusion.

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