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The Student Newspaper of Lakeside School


The Student Newspaper of Lakeside School


Lakeside in Data

Political Leanings at Lakeside

Although we are known to be a pretty liberal school in a pretty liberal city — the number of self-described conservatives is pretty small — we appear to have a large number of moderates, and a few other political ideologies (likely libertarians, if I had to guess).

Sleep Times at Lakeside, where 0 equals midnight

First off, yikes! 11:45 p.m. isn’t as atrocious as some of the times I’ve heard, but it’s not good by any means either. Also, who’s the person sleeping at 3:30 a.m.? If that’s you, please sleep earlier. The administration hereby waives all of your homework.

Wake-up Times at Lakeside … in decimal form!

Bet you’ve never seen time like this before (I sincerely apologize). Anyway, 6:30 a.m. is actually not horrendous, though it is still a full two hours before school; what is perhaps an issue is that 4:00 a.m. wake up time — granted, it’s probably a member of girls swim and dive who lives far away. More intriguingly, who’s the person waking up at 10:00 a.m.?

Who’s the person waking up at ten?? Are they a senior with what is likely the greatest schedule in the history of Lakeside?

Are they a senior with what is likely the greatest schedule in the history of Lakeside? Or is it someone who loves ditching class? Or is it someone who is trying to and succeeding in trolling me? If anyone knows the identity of this mysterious person, please write it in the next Tatler poll — or yell it to me in Red Square.

Favorite Buildings on Campus

What a surprise it is! Now, I like the library just as much as the next person, but to say it’s the most popular building on campus are not words I would have dared utter before. The next few make sense: the AAC, Bliss, St. Nicks, the WCC, and … wait, Moore? The cramped dormitory infested with electrical wiring and plumbing so complicated it makes rocket science look like mere multiplication? Well, I suppose we just have some dedicated English lovers in our audience — though I certainly hope the English department gets a better building soon. P.S., Lakeside lawyers, it appears that someone has claimed their house is on campus, so you might want to check on those documents saying who owns the PGA’s house because the answer might surprise you. Or maybe someone’s trolling again, which, of course, no one would do — and dear, dedicated readers, I expect you will find them.

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Rohan D. '25, STEM Editor
Ever since his little incident in April 26, 1986, Rohan Dhillon has been on the run from a variety of governmental agencies and human rights organizations— an issue made much worse by what he did to those poor Greenpeace agents all those years ago. As a reporter, he strives to emulate the work of his personal hero, Julian Assange (make sure to ask him about his passion project, LakesideLeaks).When not haranguing administrators for a quote or looking for a new way to circumvent the EICs’ deadlines, one can find Rohan extolling the virtues of the Church of Scientology, trying to convince the science department to replace Bio with a Creationism course, or pondering the merits of a return to feudalism.

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