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Delusional Junior Sees Alex Turner

(Er, Arctic Monkeys.)
Monkeys in the Arctic. (Alice M. ’27)

Though my playlist is a very strange composition of K-pop ballads, love songs that keep me delusional, and those that relate to my current state of mind (unpredictable and unstable), Arctic Monkeys’ music has always found a place among my favorite songs since middle school. However, I would be lying to say that I knew every single song that was on the set list. So, in true Betsy fashion, I listened to the setlist on repeat week of — and it worked. My lifestyle of listening to music from the minute I wake up and every part of the school day (except for classes, I promise) finally paid off. Nevertheless, you bet I screamed my heart out at the gut-wrenching classics like “R U Mine,” “505,” and “Snap Out of It” until I lost my voice. 

While waiting for the band, who began the concert about 50 minutes late, we found ourselves walking around in Climate Pledge Arena on a quest to find other Lakesiders that were there as well. Leather jackets and Doc Martens were everywhere we went. Accessories included ties, oversized dress shirts, and fishnets. I didn’t mind being overdressed, so I went with an outfit that fits the grunge vibes that Arctic Monkeys are known for. 

As we waited in our seats for the show to begin, the energy was lively. Suddenly, the lights went out – let the show begin. There were twenty-one songs played, and though I loved each and everyone one of them, here are a few of the notable ones of the night. 



Yes, I can’t make up my mind, Alex Turner. Way to state the obvious. “Fireside” certainly had the most interesting vibe of the setlist. With a mix of fast-paced accompaniment, slow-sung lyrics, and synth presence, I genuinely have never heard a song like this before. Seriously, this song is one of a kind. For all those who need another song to add to their emotional wreck playlist — “Fireside” would be a perfect fit for you. 


“Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino”

Please direct me to those who also screamed when Alex tousled his hair for the first time that night. Listen, if everyone else in the arena did it, then it must be a valid reaction. The green-purple hues that illuminated the stage perfectly fit the mood of the song and provide for a spectacular ambience. Everytime we reached a guitar riff the stage would light up — the timing was impeccable. This had to be one of my favorites, if not the favorite song of the night for me. 


“There’d Better Be a Mirrorball”

…And there was a mirrorball! Like the dramatic divas mirrorballs are, it illuminated the arena at the very end of the song. As everyone waved their phone flashlights into the sky, I found myself recording the sight around me. So much for living in the moment, but could you blame me? The lights illuminating from each section created a beautiful moment that could be fawned upon after the concert ended. “There’d Better Be a Mirrorball” was by a landslide, the favorite ballad of the night. 


“R U Mine?”

My wish was fulfilled: I can now proudly say that Alex Turner asked me if I was his. Being the final song of the night and of their most popular songs, it was a great concert ender for a spectacular experience. “R U Mine” was simply a song that fit my current state of mind, and I’m so glad that this was one of the songs that was part of the encore. Alex, the lead singer, also played the guitar — and his riffs were to die for. All that’s left to say is — if you’re in a situationship, listen to this song to finally make your dreams of a true relationship come true and finally ask the special person “R U Mine?”

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