More Qualified Than Ever: Advice From Your Editors-In-Chief

How do I be less distracted in class?

Ahh, yes, the eternal question. Although Lakeside’s block schedule is great for in-depth learning and exploration, it is not always conducive to hyper focused concentration. It is so easy for the mind to drift from calculus to the history essay you need to finish, or the chemistry quiz you need to retake, or the game you have later in the day, or the slight chance that you may have left your car unlocked. If the source of your distraction is a wandering mind, jot it all down! Translating your to-do list from a mental to physical checklist will help you regain your focus. If you are more distracted by your friends, find a different place to sit where you won’t feel tempted by the urge to do the daily Vox crossword with them. And if you are just bouncy, unearth one of your 2016 fidget spinners and give that a try.

Is it bad to ask someone out right before summer?

Absolutely not. Unless they’re going away to Antarctica for the entire season, summer vacation offers so many opportunities to spend time with someone you’re in a relationship with. Imagine paddle-boarding, hiking, swimming, sunbathing, watching the sunset, going to outdoor concerts, blueberry picking, eating ice cream, etc. On top of having the best date opportunities, you also won’t have school to worry about, so odds are you’ll have a lot more time to spend with each other. We fully recommend making your move before the end of the year.

Tips on survival away from home?

Stuffed animals. If you have a pet, don’t look at pictures of them while you’re away — it’ll be too devastating. Take lots of pictures and romanticize your experience!

One of my friends is obsessed with “Glee”. How do I get them to seek help?

It is important to identify how far down the rabbit-hole they are. Do they regularly burst into song? Do they insist that the “Glee” cover of “Don’t Stop Believin’” is better than the original? Have they started dressing like Rachel Berry? If so, it may be too late for your friend. If they haven’t quite reached that level of “Glee” extremity, consider staging an intervention. Make sure to stay away from jokes about Lea Michele not being able to read, as this could aggravate them and provoke a threatening response.

I like this boy and I thought he was interested in me but now he’s not really engaging in conversation with me. Should I keep pursuing him or just leave him be?

Please leave the poor kid be. It may be a hard truth to hear, but he is clearly not interested. 

How do you cure senioritis?

You don’t need to cure it! You literally have a couple of weeks left, and then you’re done with high school. You’ve already put in the work; you deserve to have some stress-free time.

How do I break off a friendship that might not be the healthiest?

It’s important to be extremely firm and confident in your decision. Once you’ve decided, you’ve decided. Then — while still being compassionate — make that certainty known to the other person. It doesn’t have to be a permanent decision, but you want to be fully decided so you don’t get dragged into an unproductive conversation that’ll ultimately do more harm than good.

How does one live their high school life to the fullest?

Wanting to live your high school life to the fullest can often translate to FOMO, which is really hard to avoid. It’s hard to compare your life to others’, and social media has made it even worse. It’s important to remember that there’s no single definition of a “good” high school experience. For some of you, living life to the fullest might mean seeing friends every weekend and going on road trips; for others, a movie night or baking by yourself is preferable. Just, whatever you decide to spend your free time doing, make sure you do things you enjoy. Don’t waste your valuable time on things that you think you should do, but don’t actually like.

How to get a girlfriend?

Dearest reader, this question has been included in nearly every solicitation for advice column questions this year. If you are still asking this nine months later, it may be too late. If it is sheer coincidence, and you are a different person, maybe it is true that Lakesiders have negative rizz. In all seriousness, there isn’t really a way to “make it happen” or force it. You just have to wait until you feel a connection with someone, and if you’re comfortable, ask them if they feel the same.