Administration Seeks Student Comment on Strategic Plan

The Lakeside administration and board of trustees’ strategic plan, a vision for how the school should evolve over the next decade, is entering the student comment phase through lunches with the administration and Student Government. In these meetings, the administration hopes to ascertain what Lakeside’s greatest strengths and weaknesses are, in order to refine the focus of their plan. 

Almost all lunches will be hosted by Student Government. The current plan calls for each lunch to have a random group of sixteen students, four from each grade. Because Student Government does not have access to students’ lunch schedules, they anticipate that some students will be invited for times when they’re in class, so the meetings are optional to attend.

…the administration hopes to ascertain what Lakeside’s greatest strengths and weaknesses are.

During these meetings, students will be able to comment on a variety of topics including mental health, class rigor, and extracurricular offerings. Student Government will collect all of these responses and share the aggregate data with the administration. From there, Dr. Bynum and his team will make determinations on what Lakeside should focus on in the coming decade. 

The timeline for these meetings is still unclear. The meetings were originally supposed to start in late March but have been delayed to May at the earliest because of May Day planning and the administration’s workload. Potentially, they may not happen until next school year.

Whenever the meetings happen, students are heavily encouraged to attend and share their perspective on the strategic plan. That way, student voices can be incorporated into the plan that will guide Lakeside for years to come.