Permission to Feel



[EPISODE 3: Permission to Feel]

“How are you?”

Every day, we are asked this question, repeatedly. Yet, we never pause to think of a response reflecting our true state of mind. We blurt out an answer reflexively: “Okay, thanks, how are you?”

We all have feelings and emotions that saturate our lives. Acting on or even thinking about them leaves us vulnerable and exposed, so we hide them from ever being seen by the world. But the more we ignore our feelings, the more they build up inside us and eventually explode. 

Felicity W. ’26 shares insights on how to give ourselves permission to feel from the book Permission to Feel by Marc A. Brackett, founding Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. It is also accompanied by an interview with Mr. Miller, a Human Development and PE teacher. (run time 13:00 minutes)