Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Lakesiders


Gift Ideas for your Lakeside Lover: 


  1. Heart-shaped melatonin gummies: Staying up late after a long day of school and sports, Lakesiders almost appear to exhibit a desire for exhaustion. Give your Lakeside lover a bottle of heart-shaped melatonin gummies and let love finally guide them to a restful sleep. 
  2. A bedazzled football: It’s never too late to begin preparing for football season! I can feel it — 2023 will be our year!
  3. Quizlet subscription/Canva Premium: Wondering what the word “ferrocarril” means? Me too! 
  4. Quizlet’s new study policy limiting their users to only four rounds of Learn means I’m stuck asking Tatler readers what my Spanish vocabulary means. Get your Lakeside lover a subscription, because what’s better than the pursuit of academia?
  5. Therapy: I take my previous claim back; therapy may be better than the pursuit of academia. If needed, this can be couples therapy. On the other hand, you might consider sending your Lakeside lover solo. 
  6. Free ceramics gift from the ceramics studio: Therapy is also pretty expensive, which is why you can pay not with money but with time spent in the ceramics studio! Head down to the lower floor of Pigott and make a little ceramic rose or heart-shaped trinket box. As part of my contribution to the Lakeside community, I’ll give each Lakeside couple a tutorial. Hopefully it counts for service hours (I doubt it). 
  7. Method Body Wash: If your Lakeside lover is an athlete, I would recommend Method Body Wash to keep them smelling like an athlete. Specifically, get your Lakeside lover the coconut one!
  8. AP Psychology textbook: Grab your free copy in the LRC, and hide little love notes to keep them motivated. The first day to take the AP Psych test is May 1, so around 108 notes should be enough!
  9. An electric scooter: Tired of walking? More specifically, tired of walking from Bliss to the AAC each and every day? Deck out an electric scooter with hearts and glitter and shorten that six minute walk to just four! I can almost guarantee you’ll be the talk of the town (or the relatively small population of our school). 

Of course, not everyone’s lover is a Lakeside one. In the case that you’ve flipped to this article hoping for actual Valentine’s Day gift ideas, then you’ve probably noticed you’re out of luck, and if none of the ideas of above spark your interest (doubtful), then I recommend Legos: Lego porsche set, Lego flower bouquet set, Lego animals in love set, or build a mini figure of yourself and your lover to make into keychains — your Lakeside lover can now be your Lego lover. If that doesn’t work, try Google. Or perhaps someone who’s actually in a relationship.