Which White Lotus Character Are You? Plan a Vacation to Find Out

  • Where are you going?
      1. New York City
      2. The Appalachian Trail
      3. Dubai
      4. Staycation
      5. Bali
      6. Paris
      7. Nowhere, I’m staying home to stay on the grind
      8. Turks and Caicos
  • How are you getting there?
      1. Spirit Airlines
      2. Renting an SUV
      3. Renting a yacht
      4. Driving in the family car
      5. Private jet
      6. Economy class
      7. Whatever is fastest and most reliable — comfort doesn’t matter
      8. “Accidental” upgrade to first class
  • Who is coming along?
      1. Nobody! I can only relax when I’m alone
      2. My romantic partner
      3. The boys
      4. My parents
      5. My pet
      6. Going alone, but hoping to meet someone new along the way
      7. Solo trip, but I wish it wasn’t…
      8. Friends trip!!!
  • What do you want to achieve on your vacation?
      1. Some solitude away from annoying people
      2. Living my usual life but in a new place with interesting people and sights to see
      3. Lots of pictures to post on Instagram — it’s only worth it if you can brag about it
      4. I’m just trying to get through the trip without starting a family argument
      5. Reinventing my life in the span of a week and coming home a completely new person
      6. As many cool and memorable experiences as possible
      7. My goal for the trip is to not check my school email at all
      8. That classic vacation mood — if I don’t get that then it’s not worth it
  • What are you eating for breakfast?
      1. A pastry and a coffee at a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop — gotta eat where the locals do!
      2. Avocado toast and a smoothie at a trendy restaurant
      3. A mountain of sausage and bacon from the hotel breakfast
      4. Chocolate chip pancakes from the hotel breakfast
      5. An omelet with a pain au chocolat
      6. An energy bar — no time to waste sitting down!
      7. Yogurt, granola, and lemon water
      8. Nutella crepes
  • What’s your first day outfit?
      1. Something fun and casual but not too over-the-top. Maybe a sundress or shorts and a graphic t-shirt with some sunglasses
      2. Lululemon joggers and a nice sweater
      3. Five inch inseam shorts and a tank top
      4. Gray sweatpants and a hoodie
      5. Vacation means classiness. A nice dress, shawl, or dress pants and a polo shirt.
      6. Anything colorful and bright.
      7. White pants and shoes. They won’t get dirty
      8. A gorgeous sundress, preferably high-fashion
  • What’s an ideal morning activity?
      1. A nice hike up to a viewpoint
      2. Running, a more strenuous hike, or a bike ride; gotta work up a sweat to relax later
      3. Quick pump or a morning cocktail
      4. Chilling in bed and watching YouTube
      5. Spa time!
      6. Strolling through a public place — going where your heart takes you
      7. I made appointments for us at all of the museums, and we’re visiting three before noon
      8. Hitting the shops and boutiques
  • What about an afternoon activity?
      1. Snorkeling
      2. Staring at the view and pondering my life decisions 
      3. Renting a luxury car and driving it around
      4. Tossing a frisbee or a football
      5. Lounging by the pool and reading
      6. Jet skiing
      7. A guided tour of wherever I’m visiting
      8. Manicure and/or pedicure
  • Where are you staying the night?
      1. A sweet vacation condo I found online — something a little off the beaten path
      2. A nice modern AirBnb
      3. Top floor suite of an opulent hotel
      4. Holiday Inn
      5. Booking an entire floor of the hotel for myself
      6. A hostel or homestay
      7. Something as similar to my own home as possible
      8. I’m going home with a friend I met on my trip!
  • How does the vacation end?
    1. Better than it even started
    2. With love in the air
    3. My self-esteem got a bit of a knock
    4. I’m hopeful for the future!
    5. Let’s just say I’m not planning on coming back anytime soon
    6. I’m going to be reevaluating my standards
    7. Can’t wait to be home again
    8. With more money than I know what to do with



  1. Harper

You’re trendy and fun but tend to avoid doing exactly the same thing as everyone else; you like to differentiate yourself from the masses. You stand up for yourself and don’t take any nonsense, and you’re also really honest — maybe you should work on keeping some of your thoughts to yourself.

  1. Ethan

You’re very hip, outdoorsy and a little bit introverted. Your idea of a good time might be something solo instead of a big group activity, but that doesn’t stop you from making a few close friends and having lots of fun with them. Try to step out of your comfort zone and take some more social risks; it will be worth it!

  1. Cameron

You’re very strong-willed and always like to be in control of a situation. With your charm and willpower, no obstacle can stand in the way of achieving your goals. You also like to have a good time and show it off. Work on realizing when you need to step back and let someone else take the reins —  you can’t do too much by yourself.

  1. Albie

You may not be the most adventurous person, but that’s okay. You have simple tastes and find comfort in sticking to what you already know. Every once in a while you take a risk, and it usually pays off. You’re almost too nice and trusting, so work on honing your lie detection skills.

  1. Tanya

You love luxury and everything designer. You’re always classy, never going anywhere underdressed. For social time, you like to get out and spend some money shopping or at a restaurant. People are drawn to and repelled from you in equal amounts. You can be a little braggy without intending to be, so make sure you don’t accidentally put other people down.

  1. Portia

You’re itching to go explore and have the time of your life. Doing what? You’re not sure yet. Just because you don’t know doesn’t mean you won’t have an adventure. Everything always seems to work out in the end, even when you’re just going with the flow. On that note, try to think ahead a bit more so that you’re ready for surprises.

  1. Valentina

You like to follow the rules very closely. Your days probably have a lot of structure and you’re assuredly a very organized person. Keep working on becoming more open to trying new things —  they’ll be immensely enjoyable.

  1. Lucia

You’re all about following your dreams and will stop at nothing to accomplish them. You always get what you want and look good doing it. Money, fashion, and fun are your #1 priorities. Just make sure you don’t wrong anybody else in the process!