Where We Live: Lakesiders From All Over


The original hi-def map from the original “Where We Live” Tatler article (Lakeside).

When the original “Where We Live: Lakesiders From All Over” was published in January 2004, it contained some pressing truths but also some problematic messages. This remake modernizes the recommendations and facts of each Seattle(ish) neighborhood and makes them (mostly) more school appropriate. 


NOTE: The numbers of kids are very roughly approximated from a list of the zip codes of every student in the Upper School. 



~71 kids

What’s there: Openings for minimum wage jobs 

What’s not there: Families with an income below six figures

Hot Tatler tip: When you’re looking to retire, this is the place to settle down (as long as your career choices allow it). 

Where to eat: Gyu-Kaku, the classic Japanese BBQ restaurant, has been described as “10/10 for food and 20/10 for experience.” 

Quote: “I live in the epitome of suburban Bellevue (as in Wasian).” — Poll respondent 



~63 kids

What’s there: A country club 

What’s not there: Poverty 

Hot Tatler tip: If you’re ever looking for a laugh, observe the shape of Laurelhurst. 

Where to eat: Magnuson Cafe & Brewery has the best fries and milkshakes for a hot day on the docks. 

Quote: “Wedgewood is the best neighborhood ever because we have a bomb bagel bakery. We also have good paninis.” — Poll respondent 



~52 kids

What’s there: Estelle and Lakeside School (although not technically)

What’s not there: A sense of community

Hot Tatler tip: Take a scenic drive down Aurora if you’re in the mood for irresponsible driving. 

Where to eat: The Richmond Beach Coffee Shop keeps you busy with bubble tea, board games, and a beach just next door. 

Quote: “Why would I hang out in Shoreline when Seattle’s right there?” — Kate J. ’23


Madison Park/Madrona (& Broadmoor)

~51 kids

What’s there: Zora, professional bikers, a nude beach

What’s not there: Any affordable restaurant or boutique

Hot Tatler tip: Bored and lonely on a summer Friday/Saturday night? Stroll down the Washington Park Arboretum to find huddles of welcoming teens in themed clothes. 

Where to eat: You can’t go wrong with Cactus, especially not with their homemade chips. If your bank account is looking a bit more empty, Pagliacci’s isn’t that far of a drive.

Quote: “I can say with no bias that Madrona is lit.” — Zora S. ’23


Queen Anne

~28 kids

What’s there: Banks and one singular (but pretty) view 

What’s not there: Decent roads

Hot Tatler tip: Avoid Queen Anne Boulevard. It’s janky and a sorry excuse for a historical landmark. 

Where to eat: Canlis is award-winning if you’ve got a couple grand and a leg to drop. 

Quote: “Queen Anne is the worst type of rich neighborhood because the only businesses that can afford to be there are banks.” — Bianca R. ’24 



~21 kids

What’s there: Tech employees and trees

What’s not there: A trace of city life

Hot Tatler tip: Go horseback riding. If that’s not your thing, you may as well just go to Bellevue Square because there’s nothing else to do. 

Where to eat: Pomegranate Bistro offers a high-quality selection of timeless American foods. Definitely try their tomato soup.

Quote: “Despite what other people say, I think Sammamish is an appropriate distance away from all the chaos.” — Poll respondent 


Mercer Island

~21 kids

What’s there: Starbucks, bodies of water

What’s not there: Any choice of food after 9 p.m.

Hot Tatler tip: Don’t stay for too long.

Where to eat: Sano Cafe can always be counted on for a nutritious AND delicious snack. 



~20 kids

What’s there: Alderwood Mall and nature

What’s not there: People under the age of 60

Hot Tatler tip: Fully stop at right-turn red lights and download Waze. Don’t expect any LYNNience with the ticketing here! 

Where to eat: Epulo Bistro has fancy food, candles, and a lovely spot near downtown Edmonds.  

Quote: “I’m sick of pretending to hate Edmonds. I’m a proud citizen! #ItsAnEdmondsKindOfDay” — Mulki A. ’23


Seward Park/Beacon Hill/Rainier Beach 

~17 kids

What’s there: Spodies and occasional outbursts of poison oak

What’s not there: Anyone above the age of 60

Where to eat: The Station has been called Seattle’s best coffee shop, but if you’re in the mood for more than a beverage, check out El Quetzal’s top-tier Mexican food. 

Quote: “I know gentrification when I see it.” — Lucia K. ’24



~15 kids

What’s there: Descendants of Nordic immigrants, hipsters, power outages

What’s not there: Newly paved roads

Hot Tatler tip: If you go to Rain City Drip and talk loudly about how you’re a Lakesider, you may get featured on their Instagram. 

Where to eat: Stoneburner is a great Mediterranean option and finally free of Fiona L. ’24’s grippers (she quit as a hostess a month ago). 

Quote: “Broadview is the best neighborhood. Also Bellevue sucks.” — Poll respondent 



~10 kids

What’s there: Woodland Park Zoo and a Dick’s Drive-In 

What’s not there: Wealth equality 

Hot Tatler tip: Don’t swim in Green Lake in August (scientifically proven to be toxic). 

Where to eat: Pho Shizzle fo shizzle has the best pho in Seattle. 

Quote: “I wish I was joking when I say I’ve seen a dead cat get thrown into Green Lake.” — Olivia K. ’24


West Seattle

~9 kids

What’s there: Alki Beach  

What’s not there: A giant amusement park on the shore like there used to be in 1931 before it mysteriously burned down. 

Hot Tatler tip: Do NOT go there from Shoreline if you’ve never been on the highway before because you will have to take the bridge, and you might enter the one-way exit ramp for it in the wrong direction and scream while flooring a U-turn. 

Where to eat: With servers who are either fish & chips connoisseurs or potato-loving people, Spud has the views and the food. 


Mill Creek 

~8 kids

What’s there: Mill Creek Town Center

What’s not there: Up and running businesses in Town Center

Hot Tatler tip: Keep an eye on the Mill Creek Sports calendar because a friend met Mike Tyson there. 

Where to eat: Claypit Cuisine of India: one Google reviewer says the restaurant has “hands down the rudest people in the area,” but it also has hands down the best chicken tikka masala in the area. 

Quote: “The Korean Embassy might be officially in Queen Anne, but let’s be for real. It’s in the Creek.” — Young P. ’23



~8 kids

What’s there: Boeing, Boeing, Boeing 

What’s not there: A lot 

Hot Tatler tip: Imagine Child’s Museum is rated #1 on TripAdvisor…so I guess you could try that?

Where to eat: Pho Asia Noodle House is the house for pho noodles. 

Quote: “I live by Everett. Everyone works at Boeing.” — Poll respondent 


Capitol Hill/Montlake

~5 kids

What’s there: Cal Anderson Park, concert venues, millennials

What’s not there: Macklemore’s pop-up (anymore) (R.I.P. Bogey Boys)

Hot Tatler tip: Wait for the next cool pop-up.

Where to eat: Lost Lake has that signature diner vibe and a great selection of breakfast foods, burgers, and brussel sprouts.

Quote: “Capitol Hill is nicknamed the gayest neighborhood in Seattle because it’s the greatest neighborhood in Seattle.” — Elsa A. ’24