You Ski—But Do You STY? Take This Quiz to Find Out

As Seattle begins to dip into the scandalously cold mid-40s, it becomes the time of year to grab your skis (or board, if you are SUPER LAME!) and start hitting that pow. Here are a few questions to determine what your true ski style is and what it means about you.


  1. Yawn! Another day, another SLAY on the slopes. What time are you waking up to hit the lifts?

A. 8 a.m.

B. Whenever, bro

C. 10 a.m.

D. 6 a.m.

  1. But what time are you actually hitting the slopes?

A. Leisurely 10 a.m.

B. Whoops, the resort is already closed!

C. REALLY leisurely 12 p.m.

D. 7 a.m., just like I intended!

  1. Where do you ski?

A. Crystal Mountain

B. Snoqualmie Resort

C. Stevens Pass

D. Exclusively Jackson Hole or Big Sky.

  1. What jacket?

A. Nice white Northface 

B. Either a lit patterned parka or all black

C. Probs a chill red or blue Arcteryx

D. Line race suit or nothing!!!

  1. What skis you got?

A. I use my Atomics, circa 2015

B. I have a solid pair of thick K2s

C. Either my Volkls or Solomons. They match my fit.

D. Depends on the conditions. I got at least five pairs that I cycle through.

  1. What helmet are you wearing?

A. Black helmet with stickers

B. A fun colored helmet (brand doesn’t matter to me)

C. White Smith or North Face

D. POC Arctic SL 360 MIPS

  1. What do you wear under your helmet?

A. Just my goggles

B. Nothing 

C. A buff that matches my jacket

D. Full face ski mask

  1. What is your ideal ski lunch?

A. Some warm goodness from the lodge

B. A squashed, day-old sandwich 

C. Carrot sticks, hot cocoa, & Cup of Noodles

D. No time to break for food!!

  1. Who do you like to ski with?

A. My friends

B. Randos I meet on the lift

C. My parents


  1. Go-to après-ski beverage?

A. A nice cold IPA

B. Apple juice

C. Hot cocoa

D. Water to rehydrate


Mostly As: The Average Alpine Enjoyer

So, you’re basically like every other skier ever. You’re up there if the snow is pretty good, you annoy people by talking about how excited you are for the season all summer long, and you dip into the Terrain Park for a few jumps if you’re feeling bold. You never feel alone because on the mountain are hundreds of others like you! #BasicFTW.


Mostly Bs: The Barely-Into-It Bro

Bro, do you even like skiing that much? You probably made your parents buy you a season pass just to go up on one day when there was a “HUGE pow dump.” No one really likes to ski with you as you spend the whole time complaining about how your feet are sore (because your first day of the season is in February) or how you used to be faster. 


Mostly Cs: The Chill Chaser of Powder

You just love a good day hitting the slopes. If it’s a little chilly or a little windy, that might cause you to head back home and get cozy without even skiing one run. That’s okay! You’re fun to ski with and you make other people feel better about their skiing abilities. It’s a pleasure to have you on the mountain!


Mostly Ds: The Dedicated Downhill-er

Damn, are you trying for the 2026 Winter Olympics? Perhaps you are a ski team member, or you just have really impressive willpower. Either way, you stay outpacing the people you ski with and flexing on your lift buddies about how long you’ve already been skiing for. You probably have an incredibly inflated ego, which is only mildly valid. Yes, you’re good, but you can chill on rubbing it in.


Whether you’re the Average Alpine Enjoyer, the Barely-Into-It Bro, the Chill Chaser of Powder, or the Dedicated Downhill-er, make sure to hit the slopes this winter. Happy skiing season!