Falling for “Falling for Christmas”


This winter, American sweetheart Lindsay Lohan returns to the big (Netflix) screen to sing “Jingle Bell Rock”: no, this isn’t “Mean Girls.” It’s “Falling for Christmas.” 

The first of two movies in Lohan’s creative partnership deal with Netflix, “Falling for Christmas” marks the beginning of the Fa La La Lohan-aissance after her decade-long acting hiatus. In director Janeen Damian’s rom-com, Lohan stars as the daughter of hotel magnate Sierra Belmont with “Glee”’s Chord Overstreet playing her love interest, Jake Russell. 

With her years of practice playing bratty teens, Lohan perfectly captures Sierra as a spoiled heiress who refuses to take up any job besides spending time with her first boyfriend, influencer Tad. Together, the pair gush over her designer “Valenyagi” onesie and nothing else of substance (or worth remembering, even for me). Still, Sierra and Tad get engaged, sealing the deal with a peck and an Instagram-bound selfie atop a snowy mountain.

However, the story goes south when Sierra tumbles straight south off the mountain. She hits her head (many, many times) and wakes up with a comically severe case of amnesia and a new potential beau — Jake, the lodge owner and single father who found her and is ready to take her in. 

Despite being a Netflix film, “Falling for Christmas” falls victim to well over a dozen (and maybe more than 25) Hallmark Christmas cliches: both Sierra and Jake’s daughter have a dead mom, all of the extras wear red and green, and Jake’s beloved North Star Lodge is in jeopardy of bankruptcy throughout. 

But with the sincere and warm performances of Lohan and Overstreet, the rom-com tastes better than a hot mug of Swiss Miss cocoa. Its loud, clearly Christmas-themed colors are a gift, and the flashy pop carols that back each scene top the “Falling for Christmas” tree with a star. 

If you’re guilty of enjoying corny Christmas pictures like “The Princess Switch” and “Holidate,” merry “Falling for Christmas”! On the other hand, if you’re guilty of believing in Lohan more than Santa Claus himself, have a happy new Lohan-aissance year!