Two Infinitely Wise Sages Solve Your Problems

Lakesiders have a lot of questions, and we have some opinionated answers. Read on to see our responses to reader-submitted queries.


What are your music recommendations?

Renaissance by Beyonce! And I really like the 1975 album that just came out. I’m in my groovy pop era. — Zane

Now that I can no longer in good conscience listen to my former comfort artist, Rex Orange County, I’ve been enjoying The Backseat Lovers, Tame Impala, and The Strokes. Great car ride music. — Lucy


How do I handle being a third wheel?

There are a couple things that you could do to make situations less awkward and painful for you. Maybe you could try hanging out in a larger group, so you have people to socialize with one-on-one as well. If you’re friends with both of the other people, it could also be nice to spend some time with each of them individually. In general, try to stay close to your friends — don’t let the third-wheel status make you distance yourself from them. At the same time, bring it up if it’s really upsetting you! As long as you approach it in a respectful way, they’ll want to do something to make you feel more comfortable and included.


How can I support a friend who rejects my support when I offer it?

This is a really hard situation because pushing further and trying to offer even more support can easily backfire. As hard as it is, sometimes you just have to take a step back. If someone isn’t responding well to your support, it’s not your fault, and it’s not your responsibility to fix the situation. Your friends are never your responsibility. Sometimes the best thing you can do is give your friend some space if that’s what they need. It doesn’t have to be permanent, and it doesn’t make you a bad friend; remember that.


What does Tatler do?



Is it OK to take advantage of your friends’ unwavering trust in morally debatable ways?

Um…we don’t know…? We’re slightly concerned about why you’re asking, and the answer really depends on what exactly you’re plotting. If it’s a minor thing, then maybe? But if you’re taking advantage of them in a big way or it becomes a habit, we would encourage you to seek professional help!


What should I do when my parents get mad at me for no reason?

We’d recommend going into your room or some other personal space for a while to relax and process. Or maybe you’d rather put on some death metal and scream into your pillow. After some time, when everyone has calmed down, a conversation about this issue will probably be more productive. Try to be empathetic to where your parents might be coming from, but make sure to hold your own ground, too.


Are pumpkin or cinnamon spice lattes better?

Pumpkin. Next question.


What do you do when the person you like is into someone else?

This may not be easy to hear, but you gotta move on, buddy. Waiting around for them probably won’t pan out in the end. Get out there, and find yourself a rebound.


How do I choose which clubs to drop?

There are so many clubs and so little time! We recommend that you go to each club at least once before deciding what to drop. And sometimes, dropping isn’t even necessary. You could make a plan where, for example, you go to one club every other week and another club all the other times. It doesn’t have to be so black and white.


Does the Lakeside lion mascot have an official name?

As far as we know, it does not, but we would like to put Lumpy the Lion on the table.


As always, if you have a question you’d like to ask, keep an eye out for our section in the monthly Tatler Poll. Well wishes, Lucy and Zane.