Now, Then, Never, and Always


The October 2002 Tatler issue that predicted trends in the future

Well, the results are in. 

Let me rewind: twenty years ago, in the October 2002 issue of Tatler, two students wrote a little piece called “Now, Then, and Never,” which – as you may have guessed – listed trends that were in, used to be in, and would never be in. In October 2022, it’s high time to revisit this list and see how accurate some of their “never” predictions were. Using the exact sciences that are the Tatler Poll and my own unrivaled opinions, I’ll let you know what’s in and what’s out. Let’s go.

Christina Aguilera

Lakeside thinks: 14% in / 76% out

With the exception of her cover of “Lady Marmalade” from the 2001 jukebox musical Moulin Rouge! [insert a “YOU JUST GOT KRISSED” clip here], I have to admit that I’m not a huge Christina fan, and Lakeside tends to agree with me. Sorry Christina; you’re OUT.


Lakeside thinks: 66% in / 34% out

If you are one of those people who thinks that vanilla is not a real flavor and is just “plain,” please kindly sit down. Although I do appreciate a good scoop of Molly Moon’s seasonal mint mocha served in a waffle cone with caramel ribbons and extra hot fudge served by the college student at U Village who is always a little too excited about that month’s specials, sometimes less is more. The 2002 Tatler staff was wrong. Vanilla. Is. IN.


Lakeside thinks: 47% in / 53% out

In my mind, there are two categories of mullets. First, you have the 50-year-old-male-country-singer-with-a-red-pickup-truck mullet. Not a fan. Men with mullets are OUT. However, the Rihanna-Kristen Stewart-Miley Cyrus mullet? Count me IN. (I’m also here for Dacre Montgomery’s curly mullet in Stranger Things because it’s my dream haircut.)

I couldn’t care less about football, and that still hurt.

Butt Cleavage

Lakeside thinks: 35% in / 65% out

To the 34 poll respondents who currently believe that butt cleavage is trendy, please seek therapy. For reference, more students indicated that they are a fan of this bizarre Y2K fashion trend than of the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS. I couldn’t care less about football, and that still hurt.

Assuming no one wants to hear my thoughts on Mountain Dew Code Red or the NY Rangers (spoiler: I don’t have any), I’ll leave it there. Please note that these are just my opinions and the opinions of those who filled out the Tatler Poll (I salute all of you who did), so please don’t hunt me down on campus if you’re actually a massive fan of Joe Exotic’s Mullet.