Letter from the Editors

Dear Lakeside,

As you stepped onto Red Square today, you might’ve noticed something different sitting in front of the Chapel: the Tatler newsbox, pink and peppy, filled with the papers now in your hands. Each month when we release an issue, we’ll be wheeling the newsbox to a different location on campus, and we hope it becomes as much a feature of Lakeside as the inexplicable LLLIOOONS cheer or Meatless Mondays. As your new editors-in-chief, we see the newsbox as a symbol of Tatler for the coming year — a monthly injection of spunk and excitement that adds texture to Lakeside’s sense of community and culture. 

That’s something we need this year. We’re entering a new era at Lakeside — the first no-Noe administration of the century. We’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Bynum and Mr. Boccuzzi to the school and see what changes they bring. In this time of transformation, Tatler’s role is as important as ever. As the new administration takes charge, we’ll be here to bring you the updates, to make a process that can otherwise seem unclear seem accessible. That’s part of what we hope to become this year: a forum for feedback between administrators and students and a source of reports on an evolving Lakeside.

As the school is changing and experimenting, so will Tatler. In addition to releasing our monthly print edition, we’ll be further developing the Chatler, a Tatler-run podcast that allows students’ voices to be heard — literally. In an effort to make Tatler’s guest writing clearer and more accessible, we’re revamping our guest contributor process. (See our blurb on the backpage for more details!) Our hope is to bring you new ways to engage with Tatler. 

So we invite you to follow Yoon as he takes us on an ornithological safari or Anderson as he shows us the good eats. To tune into our investigations into sustainability at Lakeside or our spotlights of student artists. We promise to give you a smörgåsbord of fresh takes, saucy opinions, and seasonal scoops; more forms of media, including our podcast the Chatler and our rebooted website; and ways to reach us through your Poll responses and guest writing proposals. 

Through it all, we need your input. To be as close of a reflection of the Lakeside community as we can, we need to know what you think needs to be discussed, what niches should be explored. So shoot us an email, find us on campus, write us a guest writing proposal as we begin this exciting new time for Tatler and Lakeside, together. We can’t wait. 

Stellan and Aaron