How to Spot a Lakesider

Spotted: a Lakeside student at a mystery summer spot, getting kissed by the sun and having tons of fun. But where have they been? That’s a secret we’re ready to tell: without the chance to see our peers every school day, we know you’ve been missing daily Lion sightings. So this September, we’ve compiled a handy list of spots to spot a Lakesider when school lets out once again. 


Rain Cafe

With the comfy cafe being a hot spot for Lakesiders during the school year, it also attracts students on summer’s warmer days. Popular for its refreshing boba and steaming popcorn chicken, many have witnessed a Lion pride moment at this cafe. In fact, your favorite two reporters may have brainstormed at this very spot… 


The East Coast

This summer, many Lakesiders hopped on a plane to the East Coast to live out their Gossip Girl fantasies. It turns out, however, that Lions aren’t as creative with vacations as previously thought: in fact, on the coast’s college tours, students have been bumping into each other left and right! We guess there are a few good schools over there. But seriously, Lakesiders might want to start thinking a little more outside of the box — every Lion’s Instagram feed looks a little too familiar lately.  


Bellevue Square

Lions love to shop! Or… prance around in air conditioned malls during summer. Whether they were perusing American Eagle jorts or buying overpriced sandals at Nordstrom, many have reported seeing their ex math class table-mates around every corner of Bellevue Square. Visit the mall’s hallowed halls to get a real good look at your flip flops as you dodge eye contact with Bobby from chemistry. 


Magnuson Park 

This season, lots of Lions were also seen at Seattle’s fantastically upkept Magnuson Park (partially maintained by our very own middle schoolers on service learning days)! For reasons unknown, students seemed to exclusively show up to the park on Fridays and Saturdays. When we asked Lakesiders what they were doing there, the students cited the beautiful, dense forests as a great place to “have a small gathering with their parents’ favorite friends.” Others admitted to visiting the spot for some liquid courage: spontaneous dunks in Lake Washington as their friends dared them to jump in.


University Village

Last but not certainly not least, too many students have spotted another in line for Molly Moons or grubbing at Din Tai Fung. The most common place for out-of-school Lakesider sightings, every student (and even teacher) has an awkward U Village run-in story to share. One student even warns, “It’s a jungle out there — I swear I saw a Lion.”


Welcome back to school Lakesiders, and don’t forget these Lion-loved locations for next summer! Not that you ever could. XOXO, the Tatler.