Students Tell All: End of Year Confessions

As our hallways clear out, it’s time to come clean. In the May poll, Tatler asked the student body to confess the secrets they’ve been keeping all year (or all their lives). Luckily, Lakesiders did not disappoint. Here are some student confessions that we’ve compiled for the paper. Read on with a handy reminder from the Scottish: “Open confession is good for the soul.”

  1. I left home at midnight to see my partner
  2. I spit out of the bliss windows on people when its rainy
  3. I have committed countless atrocities in Sarajevo
  4. I talked about the answers to the AP calc bc exam with people during the bathroom break #collegeboardcapitalism
  5. When trying to ask out someone to the dance, I panicked and asked if their friend was free instead–big mess, do not know how to backtrack from that.
  6. i miss my guy best friend who ghosted me and won’t communicate with me now 🙁 i don’t even know why it happened bc we’re not even talking anymore and i just hope everything’s okay
  7. I had a HUGE crush on a senior. I am not a senior. Nothing came of it.
  8. My first kiss was my cousin
  9. I shoplift a lot, also last year I went to the Psych Ward
  10. trans, bi, and ready to cry (please I want to have a healthy method of venting my emotions)
  11. I once lied about sending blackmail msgs and broke an entire friendgroup apart.
  12. a lot of ppl who im kinda friends with rly annoy me like a lot
  13. one time this past summer we were driving on a road and accidentally ran into a burrowing owl and I’ve never forgiven myself. Also I think it’s technically punishable by hefty fine so uh
  14. in a moment of desperation at the harry styles concert i took out my tampon and left it on the floor
  15. I’ve never eaten an apple
  16. I got locked in a closet my freshman year. I was trapped there overnight until the janitor let me out the following morning. I’m finally ready to reveal who it was.
  17. yesterday i thought i was fidgeting with eraser shavings (you know the little strings that come off when you erase something) but then i looked at what was in between my fingers and it was not eraser shavings, it was a dead ant

If there is anything to take away from this article, remember to wear a pad to concerts, take cover under the windows of Bliss, and have a good summer!