Did Anyone Use the Arts Calendar?

Eagle-eyed readers of the Tatler may have noticed a new feature this past year: a calendar with different local and student arts events, with descriptions, dates, pricing, and date, publicizing any range of concerts, performances, exhibitions, and shows. The newest permanent feature of the Arts and Entertainment section has seen its fair share of changes, a modicum of healthy controversy, and plenty of hiccups. In the end, though, the feature has become a common sight in Tatler’s monthly releases.

The feature has become a common sight in Tatler’s monthly releases.”

But here’s the million-dollar question. Did anybody use the Arts Calendar? If so, what for? Here’s what Lakesiders had to say:


Well, thanks so much for the lovely input guys, as always please let me know if you have any local or student arts events you’d like your peers to know about! Feel free to self-advertise! Do you have a concert? A performance? A show? A Spotify stream? A short film release? A YouTube video coming out? Instagram post? Particularly interesting sneeze? If so, say so in the poll! In the meantime, pick any one of the lovely events taking place this summer, as explained by the Arts Calendar!