Lakesider Gets Hacked, then Gets Sponsorship

Lakesider Gets Hacked, then Gets Sponsorship

Recently I sat down with Estelle L. ‘24, a self-described niche micro influencer and one of Tatler’s very own, to discuss her experience being hacked. 


ZS: How did it all start?

EL: Well, it started when I was trying to log into my Instagram. I got really scared because it said that I couldn’t, and that there was a suspicious attempt to get in. I noticed a post on my feed that I straight up did not post, and someone had commented on it “Girl u got hacked”, which is when everything really set in.

ZS: What were your feelings at that moment?

EL: Not good. Like, I felt that my privacy and platform had been completely invaded. You don’t understand what it’s like to have hundreds of people (1,067 to be exact) hanging on your every word, and then suddenly you’re promoting something they’ve never heard of. I can’t even describe the effect my hacking had on both infographics and followers.

ZS: Do you think that there was a real loss of trust between you and your followers?

EL: Oh, definitely. I’m still working to get that back. If you want to join the community, and help me do so, please drop a follow. And, honestly, there was a loss of trust between me and my friends. A bunch of them just liked the post or commented on it, not even bothering to tell me I had been hacked. So that was pretty f*cked. 

ZS: If you don’t mind me asking, as I know it’s a sensitive subject, what was the post?

EL: It was actually a pretty famous brand promoting their sale. Like, if I was gonna get hacked by anyone, of course it would be a high-quality, popular, luxury brand. Because that’s pretty much who I am too. Um, you’ve probably heard of them. Ray-Ban, genuine since 1937. Yeah, the sunglasses. 

ZS: Wow, I have heard of them! That’s pretty impressive. Have you reached out to them since the incident?

EL: I did indeed. I felt that without some sort of closure, I’d be haunted by this forever, and I just couldn’t take that emotional toll. But, you know, I’m an optimist. Everyone always tells me how happy I am and how much positive energy I exude on a daily basis. So I was able to find a silver lining.

ZS: So the rumors I’ve been hearing around campus are, in fact, true: you’re now sponsored by Ray-Ban?

EL: I am. Yappp, my first sponsorship. A pretty big deal. And side note, they do actually have a sale right now, and you should shop it. My dad really enjoys the model of glasses that’s kinda circle-y, so go buy the round ones if you wanna look like my dad.

ZS: Final question. What are your hopes for the future of this partnership?

EL: Hopefully I can be their model. I know it’s an undertaking, but I’m ready. I’ve been practicing poses for a while now. But I wanna be, like, their only model. I want them to fire all their other models so it’s just me. Fingers crossed.

ZS: Well, my fingers are crossed for you too! Thanks for talking with me and good luck in the future.