Lakesiders’ Best & Worst Dates


B&W Best & Worst Dates (Nate C. ’22)

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  • We went to see the sonic movie on Valentine’s Day, but then our entire friend group came along and crashed our date. Then they didn’t even want to sit with us!
  • Went on a first date with someone who I first got to know on Snapchat, and we got boba, and I accidentally spilled it all over her.
  • The worst date I’ve ever been on our parents were there cause they thought we were just friends, and since we’d met online, my mom was stingy about new people.
  • Went to see a Marvel movie with a guy freshman year, and his parents drove us to the theater… there was no second date.
  • I went to the mall with a freshman my sophomore year, and he ran away from me to go to the Lego store.
  • Last week I was on a first date, and my car battery died. Someone near us agreed to help with a jumpstart, but as he was moving his car, he backed into the car next to him. After getting yelled at for a solid 10 minutes by that car’s owner, he just drove away and left me and my date standing there holding jumper cables. We tried to have someone else give us a jumpstart, but it didn’t work, so we ended up calling a tow truck at 1 am and waiting in the rain for over an hour before it arrived. We were cold and wet, but by some miracle, she still wanted to go on a second date, so I guess the evening wasn’t a total failure.
  • Best was a pike place date with mini donuts.
  • Best date was to Pizza Hut.
  • We went paddleboarding at Sail Sand Point! We paddled up the shoreline into Magnuson against the wind, so when we wanted to turn around, we just lay on our backs holding hands in the water until we drifted into the shore.
  • The entire 5th grade watched as a guy asked me out, and I couldn’t say no, so everyone had to witness me and him having the most awkward conversation over ice cream.
  • In middle school, a guy wanted to take me to a movie, but the only one they were showing was a Christian worship movie which is totally fine except neither of us are religious.
  • Best: Went stargazing then got 3 am IHOP
  • Worst: watching the emoji movie
  • He took me to get my first met-market cookie.
  • My first ex showed me all the mob farms in his Minecraft world for two hours on our first date.
  • Ice skating on new year’s eve
  • Movie date over zoom, and every time I talked, the person would shush me…
  • We went and watched Cats. Horrible.
  • We went to the Queen Anne farmers market, got chicken tiki masala, ate it while sitting on wet grass, probably got Starbucks, then broke up like two days afterward.
  • I went to Rain Cafe with a dude, and he just talked about himself the whole time.