Take or Mistake: Which Elective Should You Sign Up For?

1) Choose a New Year’s resolution.

a. Get 8+ hours of sleep 

b. Save up some money 

c. Stop gossiping about people

d. Start journaling every day

e. Always be on time

f. Wear a mask less


2) Which pop culture event were you most interested in this year?

a. British royal family drama

b. Megan Fox and MGK’s interview

c. Adele’s comeback

d. Olivia Rodrigo’s love triangle

e. Kim and Pete dating

f. Armie Hammer being a cannibal


3) Favorite popular word.


b. Gaslighting

c. Mid

d. Femcel

e. Lowkey

f. Cheugy


4) What is your favorite winter activity?

a. Baking 

b. Building an igloo

c. Snowball fight

d. Ice-skating

e. Holiday shopping

f. Getting frost-bite


5) What are you most likely to get Just Desserts for?

a. Skipping bench duty

b. Leaving campus when you’re not allowed to

c. Saying something controversial

d. Not signing in multiple days in a row

e. Caught watching TV in class

f. Cheating on a test


6) Which character would you be in a horror movie?

a. The jock

b. The non-believer

c. The first to die

d. The final girl

e. The oblivious couple

f. The killer


7) Choose a boring app.

a. Health

b. Wallet

c. Google Maps

d. Contacts

e. App Store

f. Compass


8) It’s Friday night—what’s the plan?

a. Getting a workout in

b. Being productive with a study group 

c. Hosting a dinner party

d. Watching TED talks

e. Catching the newest movie

f. Sitting alone in silence


9) What’s your favorite Lakeside subject area?

a. Science

b. Math

c. History

d. English

e. Languages

f. Free period


10) Which major philosophical question resonates with you?

a. Who am I?

b. Do we have free will?

c. Is our universe real?

d. What is the meaning of life?

e. Why is there something rather than nothing?

f. Is having a big ego a negative or positive trait?


Results: Count up your answers, and look at the course which correlates with your most frequent letter.


a:  Physiology (yearlong course)

Seems like you enjoy being introspective and exploring how the body works. This class covers human biology, anatomical systems, organism function, plus some dissections, so you should be set. 


b: Mathematics of Democracy

Since you chose the most analytical and calculated answers, this is the class for you. It answers questions about the government and election process from a data-driven standpoint and students promise you will learn more than imagined about math AND politics by the end. 


c: Chaos Theory

“The science of the unpredictable”…well, your answers were pretty unpredictable (and chaotic!). For a chance to track chaos principles across various literary works and have your perspective on the universe changed completely, check this course out. 


d: Multiethnic Literature

Your answers definitely demonstrate an interest in social issues and breaking down complex subjects. If you want to apply these topics to what it means to be an American for people of differing identities and experiences, sign up for Multiethnic. 


e: International Film Studies 

Just like you, this class is pretty chill and the coursework is mostly watching, analyzing, and discussing films. If you enjoyed movies like Fight Club and Pulp Fiction but are looking to switch it up (get some taste), here’s an introduction to a more diverse range of cinematography.


f: Please don’t sign up for any more classes

I think you should prioritize taking care of yourself right now…