Post-Quarantine Halloween

I love costumes and candy as much as the next person, but we need to remember that having fun shouldn’t cost us our progress thus far.

Buying a colorful costume at a packed store, crowding around neighbors’ doorsteps and demanding treats, and gobbling down on candy with friends. Though these are all the perfect formula for a great Halloween, they’re not exactly ideal amid a worldwide pandemic that concerns an airborne virus. However, luckily, Halloweeen in 2021 doesn’t have to be as dull as last year’s celebrations were (nightmares about having a zoom meeting and eating candy alone in my room still haunt my dreams). Luckily, the vaccine and lots of hard work have loosened restrictions, and we’re now freer to celebrate Halloween in better ways. But how? Glad you asked. 

1. Make your own costume! I know it seems like a typical quarantine thing to do, but honestly, even years after the pandemic is a thing of the past, keep making your own costume. Just do it. They’re so much more impressive, especially when made using just items you can find around the house. It’s amazing what people do with some styrofoam, duct tape, old clothes, duct tape, cardboard, and duct tape. I’ll never get tired of seeing those homemade minion costumes; they’re great. Additionally, they can save you some money: intricate costumes can get to be really expensive. How some Halloween costumes get into the hundreds of dollars is beyond me. 

2. Watch scary movies with others! I won’t be able to join you, since I get petrified when even the horror movie trailers come on at the movie theater, but it’s still a good time. I would encourage you to do it outside with a projector since it would be safer to take off your mask and eat snacks, but inside works too, just without the food (and social distancing in both scenarios). If you insist on my joining you, I’m fine with anything at a General Audiences rating.

3. Drive-through haunted houses! Some of you may have known about these for a while, others may be seeing it for the first time now, but yeah, drive-through haunted houses – they’re a thing. As the coward I am, this seems like a perfect solution to the fever dream, anxiety-inducing, claustrophobic haunted houses we’re used to. Others might argue that it loses its edge when you’re not in the action, but it’s the safest activity replicating a haunted house experience at the time. Plus, some drive-through haunted houses really make up for the fact that you’re in your car. Don’t believe me? Go to one yourself.

4. Go trick or treating! Yes, yes, I know. Trick or treating seems like the number one activity to veer away from during a pandemic, and there are valid reasons to not do it. But really, the means of trick or treating can most definitely be altered to fit our… current situation. First, as I said before, no crowding around doors; keep distance when unmasked (and when you’re masked too). Try to avoid people who aren’t wearing masks, and don’t take food that isn’t individually wrapped. Otherwise, this time-honored tradition can still be upheld and you can still enjoy your free candy. Or, you can just stay home and pass out individually wrapped sweets while getting “TRICK OR TREAT!” yelled at you from a safe distance a million times. Your call.

So yeah: Halloween. It’s a great holiday that, though it may seem impossible, can still be adequately celebrated during the COVID pandemic, with a few alterations, of course. These aren’t the only alternatives; there are plenty more safe ways to celebrate without putting yourself or others at risk. I love costumes and candy as much as the next person, but we need to remember that having fun shouldn’t cost us our progress thus far. However you take part in Halloween this year, just remember to social distance and mask up. So go off, watch traumatizing movies, torture your neighbors until they give you candy, and have a great Halloween!