Letter from the Editors

Dear Lakeside,

It’s that time of year: the leaves are getting browner, the days heartbreakingly grayer, and Red Square (redder? squarer?) is full of students once more. For half the student body, this is their first first day of school on campus; for a few, these are their first on-campus classes since March 2020. Over the past year and a half, Lakeside’s sense of community has been worn out, stretched thin, and in many cases, completely abandoned. 

We don’t know about the rest of you, but for us here at Tatler, remote learning was hell. Our beloved Tatler room was replaced with chaotic Teams chats, Zoom calls that lasted forever, and enough screen time to make us wish that Good Ol’ Bill hadn’t invented the computer. We tried our best to keep everybody connected with pandemic updates and silly features, but as with everything in the pandemic, Lakeside just wasn’t the same. Coming out of lockdown a year and a half after that hilariously hopeful “we’re off campus for a couple short weeks” email, Tatler is ready to celebrate our community. We’re talking full coverage of the highs and lows of student life, Angry Lion sections bursting with commentary, and photo features for absolutely anything of interest. For every crazy, wacky, wonderful thing that happens on campus, you’ll have a Tatler article to bring you the details.

We want to start conversations by writing about what everyone’s talking about: sustainability on campus, gender equality in STEM classes, the new Mr. Noe, sports Ws and sports Ls, reopening, vitriol for the College Board, Lakeside’s campus recreated (not-to-scale) in Minecraft, movie reviews by Yoon. Coverage of a “Big Fight” boxing match between two students? Absolutely. A desperate plea for more community activities? Much appreciated. Tatler is both a place for fun and for serious debates and questions about Lakeside’s past, present, and future.

For every crazy, wacky, wonderful thing that happens on campus, you’ll have a Tatler article to bring you the details.

To bring you the hard-hitting features, poignant opinion pieces, and, let’s be honest, gossip that we’ve all been craving, we need your help. Every month, we encourage students and faculty to guest write. Frustrated about something? Address it head-on. Found a hidden gem in the cafeteria? The world needs to know! In each issue, we’ll print instructions for how to write a guest article. Last year, we created the Political Q&A, a monthly column to gather diverse community opinions about relevant controversies like MLK assembly mishaps, presidential elections, and Supreme Court nominations. In its second year, we’re keen to represent views from all over the spectrum. If your voice isn’t being heard, let us amplify it—look out for Political Q&A questions in the Tatler poll.

The both of us are ready and excited for the year ahead. We’ll leave off with a promise to bring you the most ethically-sound, thought-provoking, spirit-lifting, meet-the-parents-level-of-respectful, club-on-a-Saturday-night-level-of-hype year of Tatler that Lakeside has ever seen.

Can’t wait,

Evie and Haley


To guest write for the October issue, email Managing Editor Ann H. ’22 (annh22@lakesideschool.org) with an elevator pitch by September 20.