Dr. Kai Bynum Meets the Lakeside Community

Following the early June announcement that Dr. Kai Bynum will become the new head of school, Dr. Bynum met with Lakesiders at the Middle School campus for an ice cream social on June 17. In his remarks, he focused on the role of students in the community, and on his own journey from Olympia high school student to University of Washington football player to teacher and administrator at East Coast private schools. He also noted significant changes in Seattle’s cultural landscape since his time in school and said that he is focusing on getting a sense of the school and its students before he assumes the role in July 2022. In attendance that afternoon were faculty, trustees, and Middle School and Upper School students representing various student organizations, including Student Government and Tatler.
In his address and while talking with groups of students afterwards, Dr. Bynum cheerfully answered questions big and small: his plans for increasing Lakeside’s impact on the Seattle community? He has ideas, but he’s waiting to learn more about the school and the city before sharing them. The purpose of a private school? He believes in compounding impact, that a school can inspire young minds who each leave and inspire others. His marching band instrument in high school? He played the trumpet.
In their announcement of Dr. Bynum’s hiring, the Board of Trustees noted Dr. Bynum’s focus on student experiences, community building, and collaboration, as well as his experience as a teacher, a coach, and a head of school. Students at the social had heard all that already, but they finished their ice cream understanding not just his résumé but his character: his friendliness, his approachability and his eagerness to take on his new role at Lakeside.