Alumni Advice Column

This month readers sent in their juiciest questions to be answered by Wren Healy, a Lakeside alum from the graduating class of 2019.  Healy currently attends Davidson College in North Carolina, where he is studying Political Science. He attended Lakeside from 6th through 12th grade, during which he participated in Student Government and was the captain of the wrestling team. 


Q: How do you tie a tie?

A: First, the short one goes over the oh wait. Other way around. Long goes across short, then folds back around. Twice over, three times, maybe. Actually, if you want to be formal, I think five wraparounds is standard procedure. Then, stuff the remaining tail (short, long, who knows which at this point) back through any jumbled knot(s) arising from your efforts. C’est fini!


Q: Do people actually ask for advice on their love lives through an anonymous poll from a whole staff of Tatler reporters?

A: You’d be surprised.


Q: What is the best way to casually make breakout rooms on a zoom group date? Also, does anybody really get into MIT?

A: Slowly increase the volume of your ambient French Café Jazz tunes. Gradually light your classiest candles. Vaguely enquire about how everyone first met each other. Subtlety is absolutely key here. 

And nobody has ever gotten into MIT.


Q: I like this guy who is out of my league, and I think he thinks I’m weird.

A: Hmm, not really a question here… but good luck! 

Q: How do you ask your teacher to recap what they just said without making it obvious that you were completely not paying attention and might’ve been on your phone.

A: “I’m not sure I fully understand that last point; would you mind going over it one more time?”


Q: Should you just go and ask them out?

A: Oh definitely!


Q: How bad of [sic] grades can you get senior spring?

A: That’s above my pay grade. Good question for College Counseling.

Q: How do you keep from procrastinating your schoolwork?

A: Incentivize yourself, do homework in the early morning (so it doesn’t get pushed later and later in the day), work with a timer, use study groups for accountability.


Q: How do you stay motivated?

A: Often, through reflecting on improvement. However, it’s hard to stay motivated all the time. That’s why you’ve gotta surround yourself with 1) people (friends, mostly) who want you to succeed and 2) people with whom you share goals. Teammates will get you back on track when you’re feeling burnt out.