“A Day in the Life” by The Downtown Post Writers


The following are excerpts from real, Downtown School students on their life at the Downtown School.


The Diary of Farah L., Class of 2021

Editor-in-Chief of the Downtown Post, Podcast Host

For me, the Downtown School represents freedom within a small, close knit community. This idea can be demonstrated through the structure of my school day. 

Today is Tuesday, October 13th. I had Spanish class with Lupe, Physics with Dan, and a free block. In Spanish Level 5, my classmates and I studied the tragedy of the Spanish Civil War through film. In Physics, I listened to lectures on Kinematic Equations and participated in group work on Velocity-Time graphs. As for my free block, I used the 90 minutes to complete any remaining homework and drink the remainder of iced vanilla frappuccino. The school day technically ends at 2:30 pm. However, meetings for my school extracurricular activities, including ASB, BSU and The Downtown Post, usually go until 4 pm. Downtown students are usually working and creating, even in quarantine. 

 Today, I met (virtually) with my senior website editors to design The Post’s new website. In the evening, I worked on my commentary on the Declaration of Independence for History. 

The Downtown School has more than just a student body, it possesses  a community of creators. My school day is only a glimpse into the things I create, as a proud DTS pupil.


The Diary of Nia B., Class of 2022

Downtown Post Editor and Writer

8:30am: I woke up and made some breakfast before class started. 

9am: Monday I had physics first period, which is not the easiest class. We had a quiz, so I was mentally tired afterwards. 

10:25am: I had a break between classes. On Mondays it’s clubs/activities time. I chose to catch up on some work today. 

11am: I logged on to my history class where we recapped our research on the 1970s and the political, social, and societal impacts the decade had. 

12:25pm: Lunch! I popped out for a few minutes to grab some lunch at Chipotle.

1pm: After lunch I hop onto my English class where small groups of students were leading lessons on different grammar rules.

2:25 pm: School is done for the day. I had some homework I needed to work on, so I studied for a bit. 

Around 4:30, I headed to work, and that was the end of my school day! 


The Diary of Altea B., Class of 2023

Staff Writer and  Leader of Sunrise Movement Downtown School

I woke up at seven this morning, even though my first class isn’t until nine. Twenty minutes before class starts, I have a meeting with some other classmates to prepare for a club meeting we have later today. 

My first class is Spanish, and we do individual and collaborative work in breakout rooms for most of the period. Next is community time, and because it’s a Monday, it’s clubs and activities time. I lead the Sunrise Movement Downtown School, and so I help out today’s biweekly meeting, thirty minutes to discuss actions we want to take in the future.

It’s B day, so my middle period is free. I complete the Spanish homework, and because I have everything else done, I don’t do much until lunch, when I eat and read a book.

My last class is history, and then the day is over. 


The Diary of Sumeya B, Class of 2022

Managing Editor and Podcast Host

DTS juniors and seniors like to call ourselves the Guineapigs because we know what it is like to pave the way for  new learning spaces. In 2020, this skill has particularly rendered itself useful with a  new schedule, virtual courses, and larger classes. This October, my school schedule switched to hybrid mode, some days on campus, others at home.

It is nice to sit in a learning space at school without distractions. I can just work for a solid couple of hours. On my days at home, I wake up 5 minutes before class. Usually, I am in my button-up snowflake pajamas, holding a cup of coffee and scone in hand. I then pet my bunny, and finally log into zoom. A few times a week I meet with Farah (our Editor-In-Chief) to talk about what is next for the Downtown Post and work on our new website. The Downtown Post connects me to students in other grades and people I don’t get to see in person. Ironically, learning during this pandemic has helped me! 


Learning during a pandemic is new, but I find I am learning more during my zoom classes. I feel close with my school, and hopeful for what will come next.