Editor’s Note

In Mr. Noe’s reopening announcement on September 18, he said, “We want to open for in-person learning as soon as it is possible so that students can build a sense of community on campus.”

Community on campus seems to be a hope for many Lakesiders, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that in-person learning nurtures connections and delivers community experiences in different ways than Zoom does. The administration has clearly listened to the interest for the community to return to school, emphasizing community in their message for reopening, and made decisive actions on reopening.

However, the community seems to be split on the efficacy and reasoning behind Lakeside’s return to on-campus learning. Nearly 40% of poll respondents did not support Lakeside’s current reopening plan. Responses of varying opinions and backgrounds, including from those with vulnerable family members, essential workers in their family, and those who are not willing to risk exposure due to things such as college applications, illustrated the divisiveness of reopening.

Community seems to be the aim of in-person learning, and the community has differing opinions. Here is a presentation of Lakeside responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.