Quarantine Checklist

  • Binged Too Hot to Handle and then pretended you didn’t
  • Got sucked into Tiger King
  • Woke up after 9:50 for a 10:00 AM class
  • Agreed with your friends to write letters to each other, and then never replied
  • Tried to say Elon Musk’s baby’s name
  • Crushed it at skribbl.io
  • Started going pantless or shirtless
  • Couldn’t decide whether you’re more in love with JJ or John B from Outerbanks
  • Cut your own bangs
  • Attempted to dye your hair
  • Watched Love is Blind
  • Forgot what day it was
  • Started and never finished a Chloe Ting workout
  • Sewed a mask 
  • Got the Carole Baskin tik tok stuck in your head
  • Fell in love with John Krasinski again while watching Some Good News
  • Went 4 days without a shower claiming it was healthier for your hair that way
  • Haven’t changed clothes for over 24 hours
  • Made whipped coffee/matcha


See what your results mean:

Checked less than five:

Hmmm, it seems like you have somehow been able to keep sane during this pandemic, a real rare occurrence. It might be time for you to cut loose and start to embrace the quarantine. Try watching some mindless TV and gorging on Oreos.

Checked more than 10:

You’ve done over half of these and seem to be fully embracing the stay at home order! Remember not to get too carried away with the free time that quarantine provides. Keep in mind that though we will be home for a while, it will hopefully not be enough time for home-cut bangs to grow out, so think carefully before picking up those scissors! 

Checked all:

Wow, we here at Tatler are honestly a bit concerned for you. It might be time for you to take a step back from Netflix and take a nice long shower, followed by the completion of a Chloe Ting workout!