Wow! Watch An Entire Country Descend Into Chaos On TikTok

Crazy, isn’t it? An entire country, nay, the entire world, going slightly mad on everyone’s favorite short video clip platform that may or may not be Chinese government spyware (we won’t explicitly promote conspiracies on Tatler). Everyone everywhere is collectively losing their marbles, and it’s all documented online for future generations to see. 

I wake up in the morning, open TikTok, and see the fifteenth video of someone whipping instant coffee into a Greek frappe (I tried it this morning!). Someone has discovered a new Zoom feature, someone else just did the “walk in on my girlfriend naked except I don’t have a girlfriend so I did it with my cat” challenge. People are finding new ways to mess with their families. Someone rapped “Super Bass” while they said grace. Another person is playing chess with their hairless cat. Just think: in fifty years, when a Lakeside junior is writing their US History research paper and chooses the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, their footnotes might include a video of someone teaching themselves how to throw it back. 

“It shows just how bored everyone was,” they’ll write. “They were willing to shake their booty with their parents in the next room. Those must have been dark times.”