Tatler website crashes due to too many users!


Tatler website homepage(Tatler)

Although the rest of the United States mostly get their news from major outlets such as CNN or the New York Times, students at Lakeside have chosen a more local path. When polled, 99.99% of Lakesiders said that they solely receive their daily news from Tatler’s online website. “I love it so much!” said one excited student. “I go on there every day.” Tatler staff members could not be more thrilled to hear how often its website is being visited. When I asked our Web Chief Minsoo K. ’20 about it, she said, “I’m just so happy that all of the hard work we put into advertising our website has paid off and that it has become a daily necessity for our classmates.” With the increase of viewers, all seemed to be going well for the Tatler Website, that is until news caught wind that the February issue was out. Suddenly hundreds of students were racing to their computers, rushing to press on their bookmarked Tatler tabs, and find out who won each superlative. “It was a madhouse!” described Minsoo. “The website was being flooded. Eventually, there were just too many users than it had the capacity for.” That’s when it crashed, taking around three days to boot back up again leaving students panicking for days without news. “We were all very anxious here on the Tatler Staff since we know how much the students rely on our website.” Isabelle Q. ’20 , one of our editors in chief said. Well no need to worry anymore, the website is back up and running!