Dear Lakeside,


As we adjust to remote learning and living with such a serious pandemic, we know that many of you are feeling worried, isolated, and stressed. However, we hope that, by delivering this paper to your door, we might be able to offer some comfort, as well as some humor.


Tatler traditionally publishes an April Fools issue with satirical and joking articles. What many of you may not know is that Tatler is actually written a full month (in this case, even more) ahead of its publication. As such, most of the articles in this issue were written back before COVID-19 had become as serious, and before Lakeside closed. Some articles, which were written past the normal deadline, are specifically about quarantine, but many articles are about other, less serious topics. We decided to publish without major changes because we hope that you will find a reprieve in the humor of the issue. As you flip through the pages of this issue to find articles on colleges and chess, we hope you will not assume Tatler is in any way attempting to make light of the current situation. Indeed, we are doing our best to find ways of reporting on new developments and their effects on the Lakeside and greater Seattle communities.


We think it’s important to find laughter and joy in times like theseand we hope that we have been able to bring some of those to you.



Isabelle and Kanishka


P.S. As our wonderful staff writer Edward Y has reminded us to tell you: “Our Tatler printing and delivery staff have been very cautious in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by frequently spraying our printing machines and copy papers with 70% rubbing alcohol and blanketing them in disinfecting wipes. The ink we used has also been quarantined for more than 21 days and has shown no flu-like symptoms whatsoever.”