February in Review


February in Review

Julia R. ’20



3 The Iowa Caucuses, collecting data through a new app, name Buttigieg and Sanders as top contenders after confusion reporting the results

4 President Trump gives his State of the Union address, focusing heavily on reelection

5 The Senate acquits President Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The vote was split along party lines, with Mitt Romney the only Republican who voted to convict the president

9 The 92nd Academy Awards are held, and Parasite becomes the first non-English film to win Best Picture

11 The New Hampshire primaries are held. The Democratic primary upholds the close competition between Sanders (25.7%) and Buttigieg (24.4%), while the Republican primary reports Trump (85.6%) as the clear winner 

12 President Trump tweets that the sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone (a long time friend of the president and who was convicted of perjury and tampering with witnesses during the Robert Mueller trial) is “horrible and very unfair”; senior Justice Department officials call for more leniency, while denying any connection to the President’s tweet

13 General Attorney William Barr intervenes in the sentencing of Roger Stone 

18 The coronavirus’s death rate is reported as 2.3% and on the rise in China, much higher than the reported fatality rate (0.1%) of the flu in the US; President Trump pardons Michael Milken, Bernard Kerik, Edward DeBartolo, David Safavian, and six others, all of whom he has personal connections to

19 The next Democratic debate is held in Las Vegas, including, for the first time, former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg

22 The Nevada caucus names Sanders as the winner with 46.8% of the vote

24 Harvey Weinstein is found guilty of two felony sex crimes, facing up to 29 years in prison

25  President Trump makes his first presidential visit to India as the clashes between Hindus and Muslims worsen; Hosni Mubarak, fourth president of Egypt, dies. Plagued by protests regarding his run for reelection in 2011, Mubarak stepped down, later sentenced to life in prison, and then acquitted on retrial for corruption and abuse of power during his nearly thirty year reign

27-28 Bothell High School is closed after a staff member’s family member falls ill and begins testing for the coronavirus

29 The first American death from coronavirus is reported–a man in his 50s near Kirkland, Washington; Joe Biden wins the South Carolina primary with 48.8% of the vote; Leap Day



3 Registration for summer school begins

5 General John F. Kelly gives the Belanich Family Lecture of Ethics and Politics

7-21 Midwinter Break