Mad Libs Special Valentine’s Day Edition!


Have you ever wanted to write the perfect love song for that someone special in your love life, but with no luck? Well, look no further because this month’s mad libs has taken all the classic love songs and formatted a can’t-miss version specifically for your special someone. With hits from One Direction, Jacob Sartorius, and Taylor Swift, you’re bound to make your special someone very happy. 

“What Makes You (Adjective)” by One Direction and (Your name)

(Name) is (adjective)

Don’t know what for

You’re turning heads when you (verb) through the door

Don’t need (noun), to (verb)

Being the way that you are is enough

Everyone else in (building on campus) can see it

Everyone else but you

Baby you light up my (noun) like nobody else

The way that you flip your (noun) gets me overwhelmed

But when you (verb) at the ground it ain’t hard to tell

You don’t know, oh oh

You don’t know you’re (adjective)

If only you saw what I can (verb)

You’ll understand why I want you so (adverb)

Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe

You don’t know, oh oh

You don’t know you’re (adjective), oh oh

That’s what makes you (adjective)




“(Noun)” by Jacob Sartorius and (Your name)


Then you can wear my (noun)

And you can tell your friends we’ll be together till the end

(Name) you can wear my (noun)

Cuz you’re the only one I hold and I don’t want you to be cold

So baby wear mine

When you go to (verb) at night, When you (verb) in the morning

And when you (verb) the halls (Name) you know wanna flaunt it

Said this may be the start of something (adjective)

(Name) I’m gonna tell you exactly what I wanna do is more than just this

So baby if you are not ready for my kiss

Then you can wear my (noun)




“You (Verb) With Me” by Taylor Swift and (Your name)


If you can see I’m the one who (verb) you

Been here all along so why can’t you see

You (verb) with me

You (verb) with me

(verb-ing) the streets with you and your (noun)

I can’t help thinking this is how it ought to be

(verb-ing) on a (noun), thinking to myself

Hey isn’t this easy

And you’ve got a (facial feature) that could light up this whole town

I haven’t (verb) it in a while since she brought you down

You say you’re (adjective)

I know you’re better than that

Hey what you doing with a girl like that?