Cutest couples

Freshman: Jack P. and Allette F.

Sophomore: Toren H. and Cate L.

Junior: Sam F. and Holand D.

Senior: Ruby K. and Ryan H.

Intergrade: Kate G. and Dain D.


Cutest Potential couples

Freshman: Claire O. and Sebastian D.

Sophomore: Hayden D. and Annie H.

Junior: Audrey L. and Youngjoo L.

Senior: Charlie H. and Nathalie V.

Intergrade: Max R. and Esper M.


Most huggable

Freshman: Spencer F. and Annie F.

Sophomore: Abby A. and Aliyah L.

Junior: Jude S. and William M.

Senior: Megan M. and Jack Di.


Most mysterious

Freshman: Devon C. and Cassia W.

Sophomore: Weronika K. and Derek Y.

Junior:  Ayo O. and Mason S.

Senior: Vidisha G. and Gannen H.


Most secretly admired

Freshman: Claire O. and Sebastian D.

Sophomore: Jack F. and Toren H.

Junior: Franklin Z. and William M.

Senior: Sophia F and Charlie H.


Best smiles

Freshman: Ava Y. and Grace B.

Sophomore: Daniel K. and Hannah D.

Junior: Salma S. and Holand D.

Senior: Julia Rh. and Aidan C.