Miss Know-It-All’s Advice Column


How do I stop procrastinating?

During your free periods and outside of school, force yourself to go to workspaces where you won’t get distracted. The quiet reading room is a really good place to go to if you’re looking to avoid procrastination. Everybody there is so focused on getting work done that it encourages you to get work done too.

Is it worth it to try to date someone who lives three hours away? I really like them and it’s kinda working but I’m worried that being so far away will make it not work.

Talk to them about it! If it’s currently working, there is no reason you should stop trying. If it becomes something that creates more negativity than positivity in your life, then you can put an end to it.

How to not make the first date awkward?

Prepare for the date. Think about potential conversational topics in your head ahead of time. Some are topics are classes at school, activities you do or they do inside or outside of school, things coming in your futures, such as upcoming trips, breaks or projects, or any interesting memories you’ve had with them. If there’s an uncomfortable pause in your conversation, just ask them a question about themselves, like “So what are you doing for that upcoming project?” Of course, eventually, topics should become more unique to the two of you, but this doesn’t have to happen on the first date.

Where is an acceptable place to go on a date?

You could go for a walk with them in the park, although this could be stressful because there would be no activity to lean on and get distracted with if things get awkward. You could see a movie with them, although maybe get a meal with them afterwards so you actually have an opportunity to get to know them! If you are really nervous and want to keep things as relaxed as possible, I think going out and getting a snack, such as ice cream, with them, and then walking around the area afterwards, would be the best option.