Sports Dating Advice


February is known for being the month of love, but for many on campus, it can be hard to find time for a significant other. The winter season is wrapping up, meaning coaches are pushing their athletes to get ready for the postseason. But while February is an especially busy month for athletes, the entire season can be a struggle when it comes to dating and having the time to commit to a relationship. Lucky for you, I have consulted with many athletes who have had relationships during their sports seasons and have compiled some advice! If any of you reading this are dating someone who plays a sport, I hope this gives you a bit of insight about the rigorous schedule your significant other goes through every day. Enjoy!

  1. Invite them to your games! With sports taking up all afternoon six days a week, it can be almost impossible to see your significant other after school. A great way to get together during the week is inviting them to your games or matches. That way you can focus on the game and contribute to the team while also showing your significant other that you are thinking of them and care. 
  2. Get together to do chill but necessary things! When it comes to a significant other, what matters is that you are together. Keeping that in mind, you two can make anything more fun when you do it with each other! If you’re really crunched for time, get together and do homework. Or get together and go grocery shopping. Or get together and study for that math test. It is a great way to demonstrate that you want to spend time with them while also being productive and getting the necessary chores done.
  3. Communicate about the fact that you have no time! This one might be the most important piece of advice out of them all. It is crucial that you communicate with your significant other about the time commitments of your sport. They need to know that you aren’t intentionally blowing them off, it’s just that you have a tournament on Bainbridge and you’ll be gone for 14 hours on Saturday! Make sure to tell them that you care about spending time with them and wish that you could, it’s just difficult at the moment.
  4. When you have free time and feel energized, make them a priority! If you ever get a day off of practice or a bye week in the season, spend it with your significant other! Because rest days are so rare in the sports season, it is totally reasonable that you just want to be alone and relax, just make sure that you refer back to #3 about communication. It is totally valid to spend the day off to pause and unwind, but make sure they know the reason. If you have a day off and you feel like you can spend it up and about, think about making your significant other your top priority! A day off to spend with you is just as rare for them as it is for you. Make it count!

I hope you found these pieces of advice helpful! Just know that the Valentine’s Season isn’t there to put pressure on you or your relationship. It is there to remind you and your significant other of the bond that you two share. Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck to the Lions in the playoffs!