Honors Chemistry Quizzes Spark International Ethics Debate

Last week, I dropped out of Honors Chemistry. But that’s not why I’m writing this article; actually, I’m writing this because I have grave concerns about the course content. Everything was going well for me in the course until, in late February, the content took a disturbing turn, and we started learning how to theoretically produce nuclear weapons. After a couple weeks, I just couldn’t take it anymore. But when I reported my concerns to the administration, no one believed what I had to say. I was so sad. 

After I leaked a photo of my story to the New York Times, I was afraid the science department would come after me, but instead, they said I could rejoin the course and get a chance to retake all the quizzes. Below is the now-famous photo that made national headlines. 

A leaked photograph of Fiona L. ’24’s failed chemistry quiz attempts. (Rishdawg ’24)