(Almost) Impossible Logic Puzzle

See how Lakeside students rank their favorite and least favorite classes below. Two-thirds of the responses are written by Lakeside students while the other third is written by ChatGPT. Can you differentiate between your fellow classmates’ responses and the AI? 

Disclaimer: Some of the student responses are slightly edited to remove specific teachers’ names.


(1)   5/5 stars: Linear Algebra

Rationale: Linear?

(2)   5/5 stars: Amstud

Rationale: What a phenomenal class. Double the teachers + half the students = FUN TIMES. I have never looked forward to a class more, and the teachers have an unmatched dynamic and we get to see them EVERYDAY. The material is great with thoughtful discussions and fun activities in nearly every class. Tough subject matter is handled with grace and there is the perfect balance of lecture and student driven activities. Also, our meme wall is unmatched. The vibes are immaculate and I love Amstud with my entire heart and soul. 

(3)   2/5 stars: World History

Rationale: It could definitely be better. Now, don’t get me wrong. The teacher is nice enough. They’re knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter. But something about the way they present the information just doesn’t quite click for me, you know? It’s like they’re speaking a different language, and I’m left feeling lost and confused.

(4)   0.3/5 stars: Honors Precalculus

Rationale: Get me out of here.

(5)   5/5 stars: Psychology

Rationale: I LOVE the teacher and class is so entertaining.

(6)   4.7/5 stars: English

Rationale: Pretty epic.

(7)   0/5 stars: Honors Geometry

Rationale: Do you love feeling smart? Do you enjoy the rush of a successful test?? In that case, you will hate Honors Geo!! With impossible triangle proofs and freshmen claiming that it’s “too easy” you’ll be driven to insanity and back! If you have a class to veto, it’s Honors Geo.

(8)   5/5 stars: Drama III

Rationale: Our teacher is so cool and knows how to make acting fun. We get to do all kinds of cool stuff like improv and scene work. The people in the class are all awesome and it’s seriously the best vibe.

(9)   5/5 stars: Theater Production

Rationale: Because the teacher slays.

(10)   5/5 stars: Spanish III

Rationale: I have been taking Spanish classes since I was six years old and I have learned more with my teacher in two years than I did in nine years at my middle school. She makes learning Spanish fun and makes me want to do well in the class so I can communicate with her more fluently. She never fails to give us breaks and is always so friendly and never shames anyone for not knowing the answer to something.

(11)   1/5 stars: Physics 

Rationale: The class is a disaster. The teacher doesn’t explain anything and I have no idea what’s going on.

(12)   2/5 stars: Computer Science

Rationale: Not bad. 

(13)   5/5 stars: Chaos Theory 

Rationale: My teacher is the best teacher. Chaos Theory is the most interesting class. Nothing better.

(14)   3/5 stars: Biology

Rationale: Interesting class but my teacher’s voice is so soothing that it puts me to sleep during the class.

(15)   4.5/5 stars: Geopolitics and Game Theory

Rationale: It’s legit awesome. Like, seriously, I used to hate history, but now I actually look forward to going to this class. The class is actually fun.



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