A College Rejection Letter Rejection Letter


Dear [college name] Admissions,


I regret to inform you that, despite your well-crafted and polished letter, I will not be able to accept your rejection. Your capacity for deep thought and generalizations impressed me; however, I received many qualified rejection letters, and this rejection is, by no means, a measure of your ability to artificially select students based on perceived qualities or your ability to correctly read a transcript. 

I was impressed by your quick and easy application process as well as your commitment to choosing students on a case-by-case, holistic, basis. Your academic record was among the strongest I’ve ever seen, and your vibrant extracurriculars never failed to amaze me. 

Again, I would like to reiterate that this decision is not a measure of your ability, simply a reflection of how talented the applicant pool was this year. I encourage you to continue in your future endeavors regarding admissions, regardless of the decisions you receive this year. I am sure that you will find success in later years.



Rohan Dhillon