April Fools’ Rejected Headlines

“All Writing is Flawed”:  English Department Bans A’s

Google CEO Attempts, Fails to Teach StudGov How to Make Google Form

Lakeside’s Secondhand Club Receives Backlash for Investing in Shein

Administration Increases StudGov Budget Tenfold to $200 Per Year

Tatler Banned for Criticism of School’s Anti-AP Stance

Science Department Eliminates Use of Math

Math Department Reprimanded for Lack of Diversity in Curriculum

“Student Have Too Much Time on Their Hands”: Service Learning Department Ups Requirement to 300 Hours

Survey Shows Lakesiders Drink More Liters of Coffee Than They Get Hours of Sleep

Lakeside Administrators to Receive Six-Figure Bonuses for “Great Budgeting”

Yoon L. ’23 Marries the Arts Calendar

P.E. Department Has a New Curriculum for Lakesiders: “Touch Grass”

Tatler Announces Plans to Annex Numidian Classroom